Thursday, October 30, 2008

NOT known for its magical powers...

Handler Attacked At Okla. Animal Sanctuary
Lion-Tiger Cross Breed Bites Man In Neck, Torso

TULSA, Okla. -- A wild animal handler is in critical condition at a Tulsa hospital after being attacked by a lion-tiger cross breed.

The handler was bitten in the upper torso and neck at Safari's Animal Sanctuary near Broken Arrow.

Investigators said they're not sure what provoked the attack.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ugh...Craigslist Police

Begin rant...I had purchased a crate new from Petsmart for $39.99 in the store + tax for Cash (the puppy...not the payment method). Obviously, Cash being a puppy, he outgrew the crate. The crate was used once...maybe twice before I decided he wanted a metal crate and bought a larger one anyways.I posted the plastic crate for him on Craigslist for a price of $25 or best offer.

I thought that was reasonable considering, after tax, he had paid $42.39, was used once or twice, and in like new condition. (Keep in mind, it says "or best offer.") The online price for the crate is $32.99 + shipping, but Petsmart online and Petsmart stores differ in price. I mean, if someone wanted to offer $15 - eh - he'd sell it.I gave his point of reference in the ad as "Kennesaw (KSU area)" as some people don't know "Kennesaw, GA," but they know the exit where "Kennesaw State University" is.

I just fielded an e-mail from an "interested party," and am a little miffed by his reply. (I have received several replies, plethoras of questions, and many "I'll meet you at this time," but true to most CL persons, they never show, and I never hear from them again)

Initial E-mail:
Have you sold the Small Dog Crate you posted on October 20? If not, can you send pictures or at least the product name so I can look it up.

The dog crate is still for sale, here is information on the crate, and I can give you pictures of it later if you'd like as I'm at work.(insert information here from

Thanks for the quick response, but I’m not interested in a crate with plastic sides. Also, I would like to provide you with a suggestion. After a quick search, I was able to find the same crate at Petsmart for only $32.99, so about $35 with tax. If a person were to purchase this crate at Petsmart, they would be assured by Petsmart of a replacement or possible exchange if something was faulty or they were dissatisfied.

In addition, a person could go to their nearest Petsmart and purchase the crate at any time. Those two facts provide some value to the customer. Also, the farther a potential customer is from your location, the more value those two facts have. So my suggestion is that you should lower your price, if you wish to sell the dog crate. Otherwise you really don’t need to use Craigslist. Your ideal customer is a person living in very close proximity to you.

I'm assuming you're a KSU student, posting flyers in your area would probably be more effective. Or sitting on a bench in the middle of campus during a high volume period with the crate and a for sale sign would more effective. That eliminates the benefit of the Petsmart convenience, but for me (if I lived close to you) I would still feel as though I’m “break even” because I still don’t have the option to return the item.

Hopefully I’m wrong and you are able to sell the item."


I thanked him for the suggestions, and I informed him I haven't been in college for several years now, and I merely used KSU as a point of reference. I also asked him that if he was concerned about the ability to return the crate or an item due to being dissatisfied, why is he looking for a dog crate on Craigslist to begin with?

I told him just what I said above, with tax, $42 and change was paid for the crate from the store, and my ad stated $25 or best offer, that I didn't think that to be unreasonable for a like new crate, and would consider less if someone offered it.

I also told him that Petsmart doesn't take returns on crates merely because a dog outgrew it. They take returns on collars/leashes only after initial purchase if it's the wrong size. If Petsmart took returns on crates, etc. because animals outgrew it, what would be the point in selling pet supplies in the first place?

I mean really, now, Craigslist is a place to sell stuff. If it doesn't sell, oh well. It kind of miffs me that the CL police decides I'm asking too much and needs to school me on pricing. OR maybe I'm just having a bad day - lol.

*shakes head*

// End Rant


Brr it is 35 degrees in Atlanta this morning. I am loving it!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Old Friends...

I do my usual weekday thing (except for the additional bonus this morning of hwarfing my guts out due to bad Mexican food!), and I head into work. Lunch comes around, and I drive over to the Atlanta Bread Company where I expect to see Kayla (a worker there who knows my order by now). I walk in, and I wait in line, and I see this curly-haired girl who looks A LOT like a girl I went to college with and hadn't seen in about six years.

As she walks away from the register, our eyes meet, and she says, "HEY GIRL!" and comes over and gives me a hug. It is, indeed, Nikki. She works for ABC now as catering sales, and she enjoys it. She lives right down the road from my work. We catch up with old times, and I save her number into my phone.

Nikki and I were in the same community service sorority. Yes, I said sorority. It wasn't your typical drink-fest, we actually did community service. When it started to become more of a "real" sorority, I bowed out. She worked at the computer labs as well, and she was (and is) always a nice and sincere person.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

His trip to Brusters

WTF, Yellow Cab?

I didn't realize my cell phone was on silent. I was beginning to wonder why I hadn't heard from AnDREW when he got home, and so I looked at my phone. Seven missed calls. Three voicemails. Uh Oh.

I notice AnDREW had only called once, and there was a 214 number that called the other six times. The first message was incoherent, "Hello....deese eez....." and the phone broke up. The next five calls were hang ups when my voicemail picked up. The last call was AnDREW.

I tried doing a lookup for the 214 number that called me, and it was a cell phone based out of Allen, Texas. new cell number is private.

I called the 214 number back, "hey-low?"

"Someone called me from this number?"

"Yeys, I call lack six times for you."

"Who is this?"

"Deese eez Yellow Cab."

"Uh, I did not call 'Yellow Cab,' and this is an Atlanta, Georgia number."

"Well no. You deed not call deez number, you call the Yellow Cab Compenee."

"No, I did NOT call the Yellow Cab company. As a matter of fact, no one has made an outgoing call on this phone for the past six hours."

"Oh you deed not call Yellow Cab?"


"Oh sorry, sometimes me compenee give me wrong number."

A 404 phone number calls in Texas. You'd think after calling a number six times with no answer, you might call your dispatch and ask them to verify the number, you think?

*shakes head*

And now I can go back to bed.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Even stuck with a hurt's still a good day.

Even stuck inside, in bed, with an injured knee, it's still a good day. Maybe that's why I'm writing more on my blog: I have time to do so since I can't do much else.

The weather has finally become Fall. I haven't gone to a pumpkin patch (and I don't think I'll be able) or done anything else that's "seasonal," but it's still Fall. It's gotten to the point where the stubborn nature of trees finally say, "okay, okay...I give," and their leaves change colors. More camping will have to wait until next season unless I can convince someone that it's not THAT cold to camp in November.

Cash has a Halloween party to go to tomorrow at Petco (where the pets go! < that was just for Morgenstern's benefit). We are getting him a costume of him dressing up as a dinosaur with a caveman riding on his back. I actually wanted him to dress up as a superfly pimp, but....nah.

I had wanted to pack some things for the new place this weekend, but as I can barely stand up without writhing in pain...that's on hold.

I wanted to go to the Atlanta Bully Rally to support Pit Bull education, but that's a no go.

Bobbie has her birthday get together tonight, and I can't make that.

So what's on my schedule today?

1. Get out of bed and [attempt to] take a shower.
2. Go to Taco Bell and get lunch (that one was just for Jugs) since I don't have to get out of my car - though Wing Zone delivers.
3. Bake chocolate chip cookies for tonight. Forgetting about the ones yesterday, Jugs, I have finally perfected the ultimate chocolate chip cookies.
4. Lay up in bed and wait until tonight.

Most of you that know me knows that me lying around is going to annoy me and piss me off today so I apologize if I'm a little more snarky than usual. Then again, my blog will probably have a lot more entries!

So where am I now?

Let's see, the other night, I fell down the entire flight of stairs at the house. That's right - about 10 stairs starting from the first down to the hardwood floor at the bottom. I'm grateful that I didn't break anything (I think), and that (for the first day), I was merely slightly sore and shaking. I had friends and family say, "think of what COULD have happened." Yeah, I'd rather not.

Andrew laughed when I said, "See, I'm just here to show people what NOT to do and what WOULD happen if you do it." Of course, I said this over the phone trying to choke down tears from being scared shitless, and the pain that started to spread exponentially...didn't help either.

So now we're on Day, what? 3? Thursday night, my right knee was sore. Every once in awhile, there'd be a sharp pain, I shrugged it off. Friday, I woke up - more pain, and the sharp pain caught...and stuck. I was at my desk in my office with my forehead on its surface trying to block out the pain until I bummed some Ibproufren off my "BFF." By the time five hit for me to head home, I was in pretty much all out pain, and driving home sucked. The rain and cold weather didn't help.

I went up to bed around 7 or so and never got out. I have the semblance of the shape of a knee at least. The sharp pain now prevents me from bending my knee a full 90-degrees.

I know it's not a severe Collateral Ligament injury (injuries who have letters preceding them like ACL, MCL, and LCL), and it's not a Meniscus tear as my knee didn't twist, and my knee is fine stretched. It could be a sprain to the MCL. So today, I'm doing RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

If RICE doesn't work by tomorrow, I'll have someone take me to the Emergency Care place down the road or the dreaded Kennestone.

With plans I have coming up shortly, it's really going to suck if this knee injury is more severe than I think it is :\ YAY for having a WONDERFUL group of friends though who have volunteered to help me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I am the queen of being graceful. Earlier this evening, I fell down the entire flight of stairs at my house. The only positive thing I can say is that I am okay, and hooray for boobs as mine saved me from breaking my nose or face. I feel like a truck hit me so am going to lay down. I can barely walk so I wonder what tomorrow will be like.

Cracks me up...

This commercial cracks me up every time I see it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A good day...

Well the day didn't start out too well when I discovered my bike had a flat tire which prevented Amyee and I from biking this morning. There was a bright side though...I got to sleep in. I woke up, did laundry, cleaned some, and chilled out before heading up to Red Top Mountain with Andrew and with Cash. Cash was a good boy, as he always is, and even humored us with sitting pretty and having his picture taken in front of Lake Allatoona:
However, he also discovered mud and the water and needed an impromptu bath with lake water. Because he was soaking wet, Andrew carried him up the rocks to the car so we could wrap him in a towel and head back to K-saw:
We dropped Cash back off at Andrew's apartment, and Andrew and I went to Monster Golf. It's an indoor miniature golf course that is full of creative artwork and black lights so it's dark:
Another side benefit? Monster Golf's video games are only $0.25-$0.50 to play. Andrew came in 6th, and I came in 8th in motorcycle racing (I know, I know, let the picking on me commence), but in Need for Speed, I was 0.01 seconds behind him in second place, and the second time we raced, I was 0.003 seconds behind him in second (this was after he said, "I'll let you know, I've beaten this game three times). We ended the night, closing down Monster Golf, with some Time Crisis 3 prior to hitting up Dippin' Dots.

It was a good night. Andrew was headed up to the boondocks with Cash for the week to visit Cash's "aunt," L'il Girl (a boxer). I forgot how yummy Dippin' Dots were.
Cash-tastic has two Halloween parties to go to, but I think he's only going to make one. The other is during the week. Everyone's trying to figure out what he's going to be for Halloween :)

The lake

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

SO incredibly naive.

Every morning I listen to one particular morning show on my drive into work. It's a local morning show based out of Atlanta. For the most part, I think the DJs are great except for one DJ. She is all of twenty-two or so, and she is dumb and naive as a box of rocks! "Blonde" doesn't even begin to describe her. Now, I've never met her, but everything about her makes me annoyed, and any time she opens her mouth, it makes me cringe. Is this really the type of female that is supposed to represent us as a whole?

1. Someone needs to teach her the proper way to speak. If it's not the word "like" after like everything she like says, it's the raised inflection at the end as if everything she says is a question. My ears want to bleed.

2. When it comes to relationships, she basically stalks the men she wants. She doesn't know how to chill or be easy-going. She smothers, suffocates, and must have constant contact all the time. She even admits to this on air.

3. She is incredibly naive when it comes to relationships and thinks she has all the answers. Then we find out she's single. Example: "Girls like the jerks because like we all want to like date the jerk and like change him because that's like what we do." Oh God no. I don't want to change ANYONE. I will take someone the way they are. If they're jerks, they aren't getting my friggin' time of day. I don't care HOW hot they are.

I swear, if I have to hear one more story about how [like] she [like] got soooooo drunk [like] the other night and [like] hooked up with someone, I'm going to SCREAM!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I met the crazy cat lady...

So you have one, two, maybe even three cats, and you're beginning to wonder if maybe you're the crazy cat lady? You're not.

When I walked up to her house, I was met by an unfixed male cat. She told me she had sealed the separate entrance to the apartment (that was supposed to be "separate from the house") due to security issues (red flag). So we walk into her house, and I'm greeted by six cats and a house that smells like one giant litterbox. We walk around and to the downstairs, and there are two cats on the washer/dryer, four in the windowsill and one on the stairs (keep count now). We go downstairs, and the "apartment" is your standard basement - berber carpering and still smelled like cats. We have four cats in the "living room" area, two in one bedroom, three in another, and three more in the "kitchen" area. There were giant Rubbermaid containers cut out to be huge litterboxes.

We walk back upstairs, and my throat is already closing and getting scratchy. She just "HAS" to introduce me to her other cats. She calls for them and six more come walking into the house.

Count now:
6 + 2 + 4 + 1 + 4 + 2 + 3 + 3 + 6 = 31 (my bad, I had originally said 25) not including any other cats in the back rooms of her house.

After her reading me my horoscope, asking about my "moon" and my "rising" signs, I thanked her for showing me the "apartment," but I told her I was allergic to cats, and when she said she "had a few" and the apartment was "separate," I was thinking it was separate from the house, and "a few" cats meant 3.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh silly puppy

Apparently Cash thinks fake statues of dogs are going to play with him if he barks loud enough :-)

When Dicks Creek used to be fun...

When I was in college, we learned of a swimming hole and camping area in the Chestatee WMA of Chattahoochee-Ocoee National Forest. It was up 19N out of Dahlonega, Left onto FS-34 and straight ahead.

Several years ago, I had noticed a change. A large portion of land and the first real waterfall on the FS Road had been purchased and was being developed by an engineer. "POSTED PRIVATE PROPERTY" signs also began to pop up after "Falling Waters" was built. Shortly thereafter, camping just south of "Falling Waters" (not to be confused with the mountain lodge of the same name near Ellijay), became prohibited due to "lack of use" (though every time I was there...someone was camping).

FS-34 has a warning that the road is not maintained for passenger cars, but the maintenance on the road for any vehicle started slipping.

The last time I drove up to Dicks Creek (only as far as the swimming hole), it was November 2007, and there was barely any water coming down off the falls. It was a pitiful sight. I took some photos. It was right around the time of our severe drought here in Georgia.

I was excited last weekend. It was officially Fall, and I was convinced that Dicks Creek would be as I remembered it: quiet, crisp, and wonderful. I drove up to Dicks Creek/Chestatee WMA for camping, and was even more saddened. It wasn't so much by the desolate, now overgrown camping area that the forest reclaimed before Falling Waters as it was the almost complete abandonment by the Forest Service. Now, I can semi-appreciate this, and I know funding is probably incredibly limited, but because of this abandonment, there aren't many Rangers patrolling the area.

According to the Georgia DNR, camping is permitted in ANY area of a WMA in a National Forest unless otherwise posted. I began to notice almost every primitive site being filled. I then noticed U-Haul trucks parked at the sites with people sleeping in the open backs of them. I noticed people with cars that, instead of minding the peace of the woods, had the stereos turned on, and their high-beams shining into the road. Doing that blinds the rest of us coming up the barely maintained FS-34 (yay for a truck!).

As we headed up the mountain, we get to a final main curve in the FS Road heading to the top of the mountain by some entry gates for the rest of the WMA. As we drive up, a drunk, 20-something (if that) redneck stands in our headlights pounding his chest like a gorilla and flexing the muscles he doesn't have saying, "You don't want none of this!" I roll my eyes and begin getting sickened by the shear lack of respect and appreciation for solitude.

We turn the truck and keep heading up the road as two drunk rednecks come running after us screaming and hollering that we still "don't want none of this!" We get to the top, at a turn-around made for vehicles, and dumbasses have set up camp here. I guess they didn't realize the GIANT gate that allows FS vehicles to drive through, the fact it was a turn around, and the fact they had made camp in the middle of a road *rolls eyes*.

Maneuvering a multi-point turn, we drive back...once again being chased by drunk rednecks, and we head down the mountain.

So much for solitude at Dicks Creek anymore. I guess those days are long gone.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Faux ice cream sandwich

Missed Connections - Female Crickets

(pulled from Craigslist "Best Of." This was written by an ATLANTA poster)

Missed Connection - Female Crickets
Date: 2004-08-09, 9:17PM EDT

To the female crickets located near my basement apartment. You missed your chance last night with one of the most eligible cricket bachelors last night. The reason: he's dead! The male cricket, let's just call him Jim, really fucked up. He had his chance to score some cricket-poontang last night, but he made two big mistakes.

The first mistake was looking for love in my bedroom. If he had done a little research he would know that females are present in my bedroom about as often as Hale-Bopp comet passes by the Earth. Jim the Cricket was looking for love in all the wrong places.

The second mistake was singing his love serenade, aka his mating call, or chirping I like to call it, in my room at 3AM. I was having quite a bit of trouble getting to sleep last night, and just when I was starting to doze . . . you guessed it - CHIRP!! CHIRP!! CHIRP!! I was pissed and left a nice impression of my knuckles in the dry wall. This is where the hunt begins.

The trouble with hunting crickets at night is that they only chirp when the lights are off, so it's hard to find them. If you turn on the light, they run and hide. Me, being the crafty, resourceful devil that I am, found two key items that allowed me to bag my trophy cricket: a headlamp flashlight and a rubber mallet. So off the lights went . . . and I listend for the sound. Sure enough I was able to locate his approximate location by sound. So I flipped on the headlamp quick enough to see him scurry into the little gap between the carpet and the floor molding where I had tucked in my speaker wires. In a shear act of brilliance, I whipped the speaker wire up, popping old Jim out on to the floor, where he met the brutal force of my rubber mallet.

So, you see, you little cricket strumpets, last night instead getting a good cricket sticking from Jim, you were left all alone. Tell the boys that the Cricket Hunter is out there, so beware. I bid you aideu.

this is in or around My bedroom
PostingID: 38887364

Do unto others...

Don't treat people like a an something tangible you can walk on and toss to the side. Just remember..."do unto others."

He hates us already...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

I chose to be an English major to avoid math...

Because those of you that personally know me can appreciate this.

I started baking chocolate chip cookies again. I had used a 101 years old recipe from an old cookbook, and I wasn't pleased with the results. They tasted fine, but I like my chocolate chip cookies to have a little more oomph to them. I went for another recipe for "thick, chewy chocolate chip cookies."

The only difference in this recipe was ZERO white sugar, ALL brown sugar, and you mixed it differently. I decided to double the batch -

3 cups of brown sugar, 2 teaspoons of vanilla, 4 eggs, etc.

I blend it up, pour in the chips, put in teaspoonfuls on a cookie sheet, bake 6 min at 400, and my first batch looked like burnt oatmeal lacies with chocolate chips stuck on top.

"Uh, Andrew, I don't think they're supposed to look like this."

He swore, while holding the couch down watching "The Prestige," that they were fine. I tried again. Same result.

"It's like they're melting immediately, and they are so greasy! Maybe if I add more sugar."

The results were much better and "normal."

Driving into work this morning, I had a baking epiphany. I doubled all of the ingredients...except flour. I had still used 2-1/2 cups of flour - NOT 5. Good thing I didn't cook ALL of the dough. I cooked about 30+ cookies and have about 3 lbs of dough in my fridge. Guess I'll be adding some flour when I bake them tonight or tomorrow morning before camping!

From my vivarium post on CL

This is a response I received from my "vivarium for sale" post on CL:

We noticed that you may be looking for a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?
If you are looking for a Mutually Beneficial Relationship, we would like toinvite you to join the Largest Sugar Daddy Dating Website: features over 10,000+ Sugar Daddies, and 50,000+Sugar Babies!
Join Free Now. The website is always free for beautiful girls.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Brasstown Bald...

An up-to-date camera freeze from Brasstown Bald (9:00 am EST 09 Oct 2008):

Get Well Soon, Benny-Boo!

Jugs' son (appx. 15 mths old) goes in today for surgery. She just texted me that they are "on their way." After long and stressful months of ear infections and fevers, he is getting tubes put in his ears.

Get Well Soon, Benny-Boo!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Another Car Update...

I called the company's insurance agent again who told me that she had called the regional manager. The regional manager told her yesterday that the location manager of the business that hit my car had been fired the Friday before. The "stand in" manager didn't know how to process insurance and accident claims so he (the regional manager) is "trying to help them out."

I told the insurance agent that I had gotten an estimate yesterday and was told $701 and change PLUS depreciation/loss of value. She was quiet, and then said, "can you fax that over? that would get the ball moving."

So I did, and, per the body shop's request, wrote on the bottom, "PLUS depreciation/loss of value: the difference from what the car's value was before the accident to what the car's value is after the accident, post repairs since the car is an '06 model with no body work having been performed prior to the accident."

Penguins CAN fly!

By Marsha Walton, CNN

Flying penguins are unusual. Especially when they fly on a C-130 Hercules military plane.

In Brazil, 373 young Magellanic penguins were rescued, rehabilitated and released last weekend after their search for food left them stranded, hundreds of miles from their usual feeding grounds.

Animal-welfare activists loaded the birds onto a Brazilian air force cargo plane and flew them 1,550 miles to the country's southern coast, where a crowd of onlookers celebrated as the penguins marched back into the sea.

"We are overjoyed to see these penguins waddle back to the ocean and have a second chance at life," said veterinarian Dr. Valeria Ruoppolo.

Magellanic penguins are warm-weather birds that breed in large colonies in southern Argentina and Chile. The young animals then migrate north between March and September, following their favorite fish, the anchovy. The birds are named after Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who first saw them in 1519.

But changes in currents and water temperature apparently confused the juvenile birds, who strayed too far north to the warm beaches of Salvador, Brazil, 870 miles north of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Source: Walton, Marsha. Flight of the Penguins: Rescuers Return Wayward Birds Home. 08 Oct 2008.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another sliver of good news

The camping area I had planned on going to this weekend (primitive camping) IS still open to be camped.

Car Update

Total estimate comes to $701


depreciation/loss of value even after having the bumper replaced which is somewhere around $700-$950 depending as well.

The shop that ran the estimate is going to run a complete depreciation/loss of value estimate on my car to include. DHL's insurance company OR the satellite store will be paying the TOTAL amount (estimate + depreciation).

Monday, October 6, 2008

A healthy diet by Andrew

You have GOT to be f'ing kidding me!

I'm sitting here working, and I hear a salesperson come in and ask for me. He comes to my office and says, "Do you drive the silver Accord?"
"I think you better go out there. The DHL driver just backed into your car."

(You have GOT to be kidding me!)

I walk out there, and the Manager of our sister company is walking up to me while the DHL driver is on the phone, "Make SURE you get his license and insurance information. He tried to leave. Let us know if you need any help. We're inside."

I walk over to the driver who is on the phone with DHL trying to get insurance information as he doesn't have it in his truck (illegal in Georgia not to carry proof of insurance on you/in your vehicle). So he hands me his license as I'm giving him my fax number, and I say (holding his license), "why don't you come in here, and we'll wait next to the fax machine for it to arrive."

I was NOT about to let him go even if I did have his license. He follows me in, and I make copies of his license, and in comes the fax. I hand him his license, don't even walk him out, and say, "here."

Apparently, he backed into my car, got out, saw he hit it, and got back in his truck to leave. Tom and Jim were standing outside and stopped him saying, "hey you just hit that car."

The driver said, "oh? I did?" And while Jim had the guy basically pinned, Tom came in to tell me.

Damn it. Now I have to file a claim and go through this crap again. It's always the back bumper, and it's always someone else's fault. >:-[

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Random Updates.

Let's give a quick rundown of randomness:

1. I'll be biking the Comet at least three times a week with Amyee (BG'sB). It helps that they are all of 0.2 miles from the trail in the first place, and my work is about 6 minutes from their house (works out great!).

2. September 13th marked my 1 year anniversary working as a salesperson, and I am just shy of working two years at ESI.

3. I head to Beantown in November for GreenBuild and will be spending an additional 2-1/2 days in Beantown just because I can :)

4. The gas situation has cleared up in Atlanta, and *knock on wood* I'm happy to say I did NOT run out of gas, and the longest I had to wait in line for gas? Six minutes.

5. September 30th marked 27 years old. I have wonderful friends, and on the 27th had a kickass BBQ. We missed some people there, but they had very valid reasons (school/gas and illness).

6. I've passed along my "Breathe More, Worry Less" mentality to others :) (And yes, there is a blog detailing Breathe More, Worry Less, and its authorship).

7. CAMPING! Yep, that's next on the agenda, and I'm looking forward to sharing those pictures with all.

8. I was selected and approved by one of the top German Shepherd breeders in the United States for the purchase of one of their puppies in the future to be used for Search and Rescue at an incredibly discounted price ( 1/5th of the actual price for pick of the litter male). It will be awhile before I get one though.

9. Mom gave me my great grandmother's (on Nan's side) cookbook. It is not only insightful, but it is also humorous.

10. Just another day :) I'm having a great one. I expect the camping pictures that will come from this coming weekend will make some of you smile and giddy :)

Look what I can do

Friday, October 3, 2008

Emo Band Name #2

Emo Band Name ideas....

Stance of Sadness

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blessing of the Animals Day

Don't forget October 4th is St. Francis de Assissi's feast day. Find a Catholic church in your area that is performing a "blessing of the animals," and bring your family members along...of all species:

Blessings days occur Saturday and Sunday.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Galenator

Okay, so Galen has more to his website than just this; however, you might want to click on the above link and then choose the CNN compilation of vidoes. Thanks, Galen, for helping me pass the last 5 minutes of work :)

(P.S. Galen plays at Marlowe's Tarvern in Smyrna/Vinings every Sunday night)

Sorry, Chris, I had to repost...

From Chris:

Not overly worried about the gas situation.

Car, truck and Bandit are all full, plus I have 20 gals in the red plastic cans in my garage.

So if you come over I will made sure you have enough to get home and to work lol

My reply:

You just cracked my coworker (Megan) and I up.

She said, "who would have known that gas would be the new 'date' thing?"

"Hey come over to my house....I've got gasoline," or "I figured you weren't a wine person so I brought you a gallon of gas instead."

" have.......gasoline?" Yes, we are easily amused, and work is slow today ;)