Monday, October 6, 2008

You have GOT to be f'ing kidding me!

I'm sitting here working, and I hear a salesperson come in and ask for me. He comes to my office and says, "Do you drive the silver Accord?"
"I think you better go out there. The DHL driver just backed into your car."

(You have GOT to be kidding me!)

I walk out there, and the Manager of our sister company is walking up to me while the DHL driver is on the phone, "Make SURE you get his license and insurance information. He tried to leave. Let us know if you need any help. We're inside."

I walk over to the driver who is on the phone with DHL trying to get insurance information as he doesn't have it in his truck (illegal in Georgia not to carry proof of insurance on you/in your vehicle). So he hands me his license as I'm giving him my fax number, and I say (holding his license), "why don't you come in here, and we'll wait next to the fax machine for it to arrive."

I was NOT about to let him go even if I did have his license. He follows me in, and I make copies of his license, and in comes the fax. I hand him his license, don't even walk him out, and say, "here."

Apparently, he backed into my car, got out, saw he hit it, and got back in his truck to leave. Tom and Jim were standing outside and stopped him saying, "hey you just hit that car."

The driver said, "oh? I did?" And while Jim had the guy basically pinned, Tom came in to tell me.

Damn it. Now I have to file a claim and go through this crap again. It's always the back bumper, and it's always someone else's fault. >:-[

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