Friday, January 30, 2009



As of Monday at about 1:30pm, I will be out of town until I return on Sunday at 7am. I'm headed to Vegas again for a tradeshow for work. Nice. I'm taking the red-eye back from Vegas that leaves after 11pm Vegas time, and it arrives in Atlanta 6:45am EST. Unfortunately....the red-eye is FULL. :\

Monday, January 26, 2009

My latest addiction: LEFT 4 DEAD

My newest addiction is Left 4 Dead on XBox 360. The 4 campaigns are great, and I "hear" the creators will release more campaigns. I'm a little miffed that there's a lack of storyline as, say, Bioshock, but nonetheless, where else can you score an achievement for avoiding being vomitted on by a zombie? Throwing a Molotov at a witch zombie, etc.?

From a post I made on HGG about Left 4 Dead:

Some tips for Left 4 Dead....

1) If you are fighting a campaign (as opposed to versus), stick together. This is the key point when playing this game. Never have someone run ahead and alert the hoard. When playing, find a corner or a spot where your back is to the wall - instead of having full 4 areas exposed. a) HOWEVER, the team of you need to keep moving. As you stand there, the game will produce more and more zombies (I believe the creators address this). You have to keep moving. Don't think you can stand there, and the zombies will eventually stop.

2) When fighting with three areas exposed as opposed to four, someone with a shotgun can crouch in front of someone with an assault rifle and can attack the hoard easier. That way you don't have to worry about reloading and getting hit (even though you can mêlée aka hit and shove aka Left Trigger). This also reduces the chances of friendly fire.

3) It is good for someone in your party to have a hunting rifle; however, don't snipe zombies unless someone has your back. The rifle is also the most powerful weapon against the Tanks.

4) When sneaking around witches, turn off your flashlight, and walk behind her. Don't shoot anything; don't throw anything. If you have to fight a witch, your best technique is to throw a Molotov at her, and put as much distance in between yourself and the witch. The burning Molotov will reduce her health - hopefully long enough that you can easily kill her. You can easily hit the witch by NOT aiming directly at her head when she turns to look at you, but just below her hair (see Crownd - shotgun to the back of the head...not a hunting rifle from afar - and Witch Hunter achievements).

5) When it comes to Boomers, they will spit/vomit on you and alert the hoard. Instead, mêlée (Left Trigger) Boomer like there is no tomorrow.

6) Like Copperkat said....LISTEN:a) Coughing: Smoker nearbyb) Screeching/screaming (similar to "the most annoying sound in the world" from Dumb and Dumber): Hunterc) Baby crying: Witchd) Belching/Sputtering Noises: Boomere) Sudden dramatic turn in the music/ground shaking: Tank coming

7) It's fairly easy to gain achievements in Left 4 Dead....just remember one important thing I've learned....don't be greedy or stingy with the Health Kits. If you have almost full health...and a health have a teammate who is low on health....SHARE. Not only will you have a teammate still, but you can gain achievements by helping your teammates. I believe there is also an achievement for giving pain pills though I'm not sure. Don't be rude and leave your teammates on the ground. Help them up (when/if you can). This will also [eventually] unlock an achievement.

8) BEFORE opening the safe room door to continue on in the game, take the time to look out...and kill Zombies around it! Don't rush ahead, unbar the door and head out.

9) When answering a rescue summons, before actually SUMMONING the rescue, make sure...your teammates have full ammo, health kits, and are in position of where they need to be to fight the hoard.

The biggest/best tip is DO NOT run ahead. DO NOT leave your teammates behind. This is VERRRRRY important. You will die if you run ahead, and you will have pissed off teammates.

That's it for now.

German Shepherds

Eventually I'll make the plunge and purchase a German Shepherd from a reputable breeder to train for obedience, Schutzhund, etc.

I find this breeder's response to me asking what type of bloodlines the dogs have and what kind of workability do they have:

"I have mine as household pets. I do know that some of the past litters have gone on as house pets, show dog training. If this helps at all mine as housepets only my dam can smell and find anyone that has drugs she has brought it to me and the person was asked to leave. My sire he is really good about smelling areas that are infected yes I know that most dogs do but I went through cancer and he kept pushing in the area where it was. I spoke to my doctor and vet and they said that may be his gift."

I have heard of cancer smelling dogs, but cuckoo....a dog that detects narcotics, hasn't been trained to detect narcotics, and the dog brings the drugs to her? Seriously?

By the way, the dogs' names that she breeders are pretty much on the same level as "Bubba Bo Bob's Beautiful Boy" and such. There are NO records of them anywhere as far as health, breeding, working, titles, etc.

Movie Reviews

Being down and out has some advantages: the ability to watch movies. Netflix has this new function in which you can watch movies instantly on your XBox 360:

1. Asylum (2008): Wow. Don't waste your time. Giving it a star rating from 1-5...I give it a 1. It's a movie whose storyline goes something like this: group of college students enter their first year of college. Their dorm is a former asylum used for treating teens with anxieties, etc. The doctor went mad and started torturing patients. Patients rebelled and killed doctor. Of course, the funny part is....the students stay in the restored wing of the asylum while the not yet restored wing remains locked from them. The "funny" part is that the not yet restored portion...hasn't even been gutted yet. Hospital beds, patient files, etc. all remain (like that would happen). The group of students (all with something twisted in their past) decide to go into the unrestored portion of the asylum, and of course, that's when things go wrong. The students all die one by one (in rather rapid succession and in a matter of two days or so). The special effects are so cheap it's not even funny. The only good part about this movie is that it was not a long movie, and I was able to say things like, "hey that's the blonde guy from 'Accepted,'" and "that's the kid who plays the whacked out son in 'Desperate Housewives.'" That's about it. Save your time. Don't watch this movie. Rating : *

2. Resurrecting the Champ (2007): Starring Josh Hartnett and Samuel L. Jackson. Star rating system, this one would get at LEAST 4-1/2 stars...if not 5. The movie is about a newspaper journalist (Hartnett) who just hasn't found his zest in his reporting of boxing events for the Denver Times. That is until he meets Bobbin' Bob Satterfield (Jackson) who is a homeless man on the streets. Hartnett decides to befriend the boxer, known as "The Champ," and learn about the man's past, his fights, his life, and more. The more Hartnett learns about Jackson, the more he learns about himself. I won't go into details about the ending, but it's a great GREAT movie (and the first in a long time in which Jackson didn't have his abrasive "F-you, M'f-er" attitude). Rating: ****-1/2 to *****

3. The Tattooist (2007): Takes place in Singapore (briefly) and New Zealand. Despite readint he back of the DVD at the video store and laughing it off, it was a pretty decent movie. A tattooist who believes in the healing power of some tattoos steals a Samoan tattooing tool from a trade show booth. An eerie chain of events take place which connects the tool with the events, and has the tattooist (a caucasian man from the USA) seeking out the Samoan tattooing group's help. While it doesn't rank as the best thriller or anything, it has a good storyline and is a good brief movie to watch. Rating: ***-1/2

4. Wedding Daze (2006)- also known as "The Pleasure of Your Company": Movie stars Jason Biggs (from the American Pie series). Oh my. Please don't waste your time seeing this movie! I don't know what was worse, Jason Biggs' parents getting hot and bothered everytime someone said a word that could have a sexual connotation (he's coming to visit....he's visit.......COM-ING) to the point of roleplaying ("I'm just a little girl, please don't hurt me"), the bogus storyline (boy proposes to girl, girl drops dead, boy goes into a stupor, proposes to waitress, waitress says yes, some trouble, they get married), or the very blatant random sexual scenes in the movie (Jason Biggs calls his parents for help, and his father - wearing a silk robe- speaks "sorry, we have to end this here," and the camera pans to two girls making out, nude, and some serious petting in front of their fire.) I feel as though I lost brain cells watching this movie. Not funny....not redeeming moments. Rating: *

5. Outsourced (2006): What a great movie! You won't recognize any actors except maybe the main character who played in "With Honors" with Brendan Fraser back in the 90s. It's a movie about a guy in America whose company outsources their order fulfillment branch to India. He has to go to India to train them. It's amazing seeing the cultural differences and how they are overcome. Definitely a great movie. Rating: ****

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rooster free to a good home

(from a Craigslist ad...found it humorous)

His name is Hellbird. He is free to a good home/farm one Rooster, he has just started crowing a month or so ago and is/has grown spurs on his legs... The neighbors and I would love to be able to sleep in again .... He comes with 1/2 bag of feed. Was a pet but the cute little female chick turned out to be a male. .YIKES

If you don't want him, but know of somebody that may, please pass my info to them.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sneaky Puppy...

A very cold puppy. Cash's favorite thing in the world (besides his bunny toys) is a nice, warm fleece. Andrew will lay on the loveseat with his knees bent, and Cash will climb up underneath Andrew's knees and lay there....

So when I walked by to go to the bathroom, this is what I saw sticking out the other end...

Playing with daddy in his fleece throw....

And just to show you how much he's grown (and to model his custom leather collar from Das Ist Leather in Helen, GA).....

Update: Never Again

I was out sick from work on Monday and on Tuesday, and I'm hanging in there today.

Sometime yesterday afternoon, Andrew called the appliance store. He said, "it just rang and rang and no one picked up." I told him to dial using *67 (which doesn't show your number on caller ID when you call) so we did. Two rings - the phone is answered:

Me: Is this "All About Appliances"?
Man: It is.
Me: Hi - we purchased a washer and dryer from you guys that were delivered on Saturday, and we called back on Saturday to tell you that the dryer didn't work properly. Someone was supposed to come out on Monday to fix the dryer, and no one ever showed up or called, and we both took off work to stay here today and wait (not true). (I forgot to mention about the woman on Monday saying the following: "well he doesn't work today so when he calls in, I'll have him call you.")
Man: Where are you?
Me: Woodstock.
Man: They picked up a dryer on Sunday and were supposed to have swapped it out on Sunday already. Both of them called in sick today. *hmph* Kinda makes you wonder what they did over the weekend.
Me: Well no one called, and no one showed, and the dryer still doesn't work.
Man: Is someone gonna be there tomorrow? or is the dryer out in the garage or something where I can just swap it out?
Me: Yes, my boyfriend will be here.
Man: Okay, well I will come in the morning, before noon, and swap out the dryer for you then. I'm sorry. They were supposed to have gone out on Sunday and did this already.

Now I don't particularly believe him so Andrew and I did every single piece of laundry we could possibly do...just in case we get screwed over again.

// 12:26pm - Guess what? No phone call. No one has shown up yet. Andrew is calling them now to find out WTH is going on.

// 12: 35pm - Andrew called the store. A woman answered and told him that she would have the owner call him when he (the owner) returned in 30 minutes.

// 12:55pm - Andrew sent text saying they were at the apartment.

// 1:45pm (1345) - They came and swapped out our dryer with another dryer that they brought. We'll see if this one works any better.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Never again.

This weekend, I bought a Washer and Dryer from a store called "All About Appliances" in Lithia Springs, GA. We answered their ad on Craigslist which read, as follows:

Kenmore Black-face Washer and Dryer set. Comes with 45 days warranty. Won't last long! Delivery and set up possible.

BUYER BEWARE: This group advertises on Craigslist for washers, dryers, and other items with the promises that there is a 45-day warranty, etc. They embellish their ads. When we called on a W&D they were selling, they informed us the W&D were 5 years old, heavy duty, and came with a warranty. They would deliver and setup for us to make sure the appliances worked. we thought.

The delivery man came, and when he did, he brought a W&D that was white...and around the dials was black. That's what they called "Black face." He wheeled them into our apartment, and they are almost completely rusted. Inside the dryer drum was rat feces, paperclips, dirt, and melted "gum" or something.

The delivery man came and turned on the washer - told us the dryer needed a different plug than the one he had. We went to the store to grab the new plug. We researched the serial numbers and model numbers. The washer and dryer was 18 years old, having been manufactured in 1990...not 5 years old. We came back and put on the new plug.

The dryer dried for ten minutes. I checked to see the status of the clothes, closed the door, went to hit "start," and the dryer hummed and shut itself off (except the timer) and a burning smell was present. We called the store who said to flip the breaker back and forth and try again. We waited a few minutes, did that, and it worked....for another 20 minutes....then it shut itself off mid-cycle. We tried flipping the breaker back and forth to no avail. We waited 20 minutes, annoyed, and pressed start again. The dryer started back up. The dryer shut itself off 10 minutes later. We called the company again. They told us to flip the breaker back and forth that our circuit breaker blew.....but it hadn't. They tried to pawn off the dryer not working on our circuit breaker, but there was nothing wrong with our breaker.

We were told that the repairman would be back out on Monday - first thing in the morning - to fix our machine. It's now 4pm on that Monday, and the repair person still hasn't come out to the house or called. I called the store at 1pm to ask, and they said that they weren't at the office today (holiday) and had no way of getting in touch with their repairman, but if he called in, they'd tell him to call us but not to expect him until later this afternoon.

I spoke with someone at Sears in their appliance department who said that the dryer's motor was trying to go out. They said that the store was hoping we could tolerate drying in 10-20 minute cycles, then letting the dryer's motor cool down and try again....until the warranty wore off - then the dryer motor would probably crap out, and we'd be SOL.

Buyer beware: they lie about the age and condition of their appliances and will sell WELL WORN...almost dead appliances with a short warranty.

// 6:20pm (1820) Still no repairman call. No store call. No repairman visit.

// 8:42pm (2042) No repairman call. No store call. No repairman visit.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Model - Vogue.

'cause I'm hawt.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cash pictures.

Cash does not sleep between us, but he does hang out and watch t.v. between us :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pictures from Jan. 2nd-3rd 2009

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

SO frustrated!

You know...sometimes I really hate being a distributor. I really hate relying on someone else's company to do things the way they say they are, and I get the brunt of the customer's anger when something goes wrong.

Every single time we've placed an order with one of our vendors, something goes wrong. A customer called yesterday morning, he requested the availability of an item. I call our vendor who says they can ship the item out that day and have it here this morning (which is what the customer needed). Great - perfect. I place the order.

The customer calls me this morning and asks if everything shipped. I say, "yes." He says only one pallet is there (the one we shipped directly from OUR warehouse). I told him I'd call and see where the other one was that he needed today. I called the company. Lo and behold, the pallet never shipped yesterday! It was picked up this morning and wouldn't be at our customer until tomorrow.

I'm pissed. I ask for a Pro # (for tracking). They would have to get it for me.

It's now 10 'til 3pm, and NO SHIPMENT...NO TRACKING NUMBER. I call the vendor back. Our salesperson answers and says, "as far as I hasn't shipped yet!" I call the sales manager and tell him. He's "shocked." The warehouse guys told him the order shipped.

Still not tracking number.
Still have a pissed off customer.
Still have to wait to get the Pro# to figure out what the HELL is going on?


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Big Joe and the trail ride

So his name is Big Joe. We had seen him the day before hanging out at the fence. Joe is an 18 hand draft horse. He walked up to me and rested his head on my sleeve then searched my face for some horse cookies. Andrew took some photos of he and I as Joe was being a big love bug.
The next morning we met up for a trail ride. I was telling the barn manager about the horse, and she told me his name and asked if I wanted to ride him- of course! Mounting was interesting. I had to climb a four foot mounting stand to swing my leg over to ride. He was a good ole laid back boy, and I swore my legs were stretched like a cheerleader pose.
Andrew rode a percheron morgan cross named Jake who was also large. Dismounting was a feat. I swung my leg over his huge body and dropped about four feet. I almost fell but caught my balance. What a good ride.

Ah relax

We finally had a good, relaxing weekend: no holiday dinners to rush to, no deaths in the family. We rented a chalet in North Georgia (Dillard). We went to Highlands, NC, Franklin, NC and all around the area. I showed Andrew Bridal Veil Falls and Talullah Gorge as well. Even though it was raining off and on, it was a great time. We ended our round-about excursion in Dahlonega...where we went to The Piazza again.

Cash was on vacation, too, though we'll never use that pet boarding facility again!