Saturday, January 3, 2009

Big Joe and the trail ride

So his name is Big Joe. We had seen him the day before hanging out at the fence. Joe is an 18 hand draft horse. He walked up to me and rested his head on my sleeve then searched my face for some horse cookies. Andrew took some photos of he and I as Joe was being a big love bug.
The next morning we met up for a trail ride. I was telling the barn manager about the horse, and she told me his name and asked if I wanted to ride him- of course! Mounting was interesting. I had to climb a four foot mounting stand to swing my leg over to ride. He was a good ole laid back boy, and I swore my legs were stretched like a cheerleader pose.
Andrew rode a percheron morgan cross named Jake who was also large. Dismounting was a feat. I swung my leg over his huge body and dropped about four feet. I almost fell but caught my balance. What a good ride.

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