Wednesday, January 7, 2009

SO frustrated!

You know...sometimes I really hate being a distributor. I really hate relying on someone else's company to do things the way they say they are, and I get the brunt of the customer's anger when something goes wrong.

Every single time we've placed an order with one of our vendors, something goes wrong. A customer called yesterday morning, he requested the availability of an item. I call our vendor who says they can ship the item out that day and have it here this morning (which is what the customer needed). Great - perfect. I place the order.

The customer calls me this morning and asks if everything shipped. I say, "yes." He says only one pallet is there (the one we shipped directly from OUR warehouse). I told him I'd call and see where the other one was that he needed today. I called the company. Lo and behold, the pallet never shipped yesterday! It was picked up this morning and wouldn't be at our customer until tomorrow.

I'm pissed. I ask for a Pro # (for tracking). They would have to get it for me.

It's now 10 'til 3pm, and NO SHIPMENT...NO TRACKING NUMBER. I call the vendor back. Our salesperson answers and says, "as far as I hasn't shipped yet!" I call the sales manager and tell him. He's "shocked." The warehouse guys told him the order shipped.

Still not tracking number.
Still have a pissed off customer.
Still have to wait to get the Pro# to figure out what the HELL is going on?


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