Friday, May 29, 2009

Georgia Battlefield EVPs

So both Andrew and I listen to EVPs and the like. Georgia, especially in our area, has a high concentration of Civil War battlefields. We're going to start recording EVPs from the sites :)

Some tips for recording EVPs:

1. Choose a specific site.
2. Visit the site at the same time and place each visit. The entities will get used to your "schedule."
3. Ask to only be contacted by those entities wanting to do good.
4. Ask the entity, "do you have something you want to say?"
5. Track where each recording is made such as on a hand-drawn map (e.g. draw a map of the area. Mark "recording 1 - date") to see if there is a pattern.
6. Always use ear muff style headphones when listening to the EVPs at home.

For more EVP info, visit this site:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taste of Italy: your neighborhood Italian place

Taste of Italy
6234 Old Hwy 5, # D4
Woodstock, GA 30188

Andrew and I found "Taste of Italy" by accident on our way home along 575 one night. We didn't know what to expect.

The restaurant is located in a strip mall situated among a large grocery store and some other random shops. Boy were we surprised.
The food is amazing. The staff is more than friendly. The prices are phenomenal.

Don't plan on getting Americanized Italian food with crappy canned sauces, etc. Expect the "real deal."

Just last night, I said to Andrew, "I hope Chicken Cacciatore is the special tonight." Unfortunately, it wasn't. I mumbled something under my breath to the tune of, "I wish it was Chicken Cacciatore." The person taking our order heard me and said, "he can make it for you if you really want." She called back to Pasquale who nodded that he could make it. I was in Heaven.

A few minutes later, we had crunchy salad with the house dressing, and shortly thereafter, piping hot plates of eggplant parmigiana and spaghetti and chicken cacciatore and spaghetti. (Two entrées, two drinks - $23.) Because they give us so much, we both took "To-Go" boxes and had lunch for today.

If this restaurant was publically-traded, we'd have stock in it as many times as we eat there a week! I cannot say enough great things about this restaurant. It is NOT a chain so don't compare it to other restaurants by the same name.

Visit - you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The story behind this is that one of my friends (sportbike rider) was at the track. He was holding his three fingers up to indicate something with the races to one of his friends. A cop, thinking he'd be funny, said, "here let's pose like I'm arresting you," and tried to be an ass to my friend.

Friend got the last laugh.

Check out my friend's left hand :)

Sorry, but it was post-worthy.

You know who you are, but I HAD to post this picture! (For the rest of you, yes....that is a bride-to-be and a lovely drag queen)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Riots from FAILBLOG.COM

(Click on each picture to see full effect)

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Scamming scams is super!

Scammer phone number: 502-410-6897

(Person that called was speaking with broken English)

"Yes, mam. I need to speak to the owner."
"He's not at this location. Is there something I can help you with?"
"Yes, mam. Hi. My name Matt Anderson from Federal Financial. We got your number from several numbers in your area, and, congratulations, you won our scratch off prize."
"Gee, no thanks. We JUST won 10 Million Euros with the French National Lottery, and a long lost prince of Nigeria is wiring us $6 Million USD. We just don't want to be greedy."

*hang up*

Grey's Anatomy: To End Suspicions

Okay, if you saw the 5th Season Finale last night, then you know there is a major cliffhanger. Here is my opinion. (Warning: SPOILER)

We learn that Georgia is "John Doe" who was poorly mangled and burned when he pushed a girl out of the way of a bus and was hit himself. He writes "007" on Meredith's palm post-surgery #1. Meredith (in a great acting moment) freaks out and says, "Oh my God, it's GEORGE!" George had just signed up to join the Army as a Doctor earlier that day.

Now, knowing that both TR Knight and Katherine Heigl wanted to leave the show, I think that George is definitely dead. Chances are, at the beginning of the next season, it will start sad and somber, people dressed in black for George (and maybe Izzie's) funeral. How do I know this?

Did you see George at the end? Did you see the massive, serious, disfiguring burn on the side of his face? He's not coming back as Two Face. I'm pretty sure he's done. Even Mark Sloan couldn't repair his face.

Izzie. Well I don't know. I think they might drag Izzie's character out a little longer. After all, at the end, George was already off the elevator (why was he wearing Dress Blues, or were they Class As? I can't remember. He only signed paperwork for the Army.) Izzie, however, gives George (and past George) a look like, "do I want to go? should I go?" and she never gets off the elevator.

I think she'll come back next season for at least one or two episodes on life support. While she's on life support, I have a feeling we'll see an alter world in which Denny is there and George, and they'll talk to her (kind of like when Meredith "died").

Then, I think Alex will have to make the decision to "pull the plug."

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A word to the wise....

If you're a company, and you send over a Credit Application requesting credit with a new vendor, it would behoove you to check over the references you send.

We got a credit application from a company. Two of the credit references came back okay. Their high credit, however, was only $1000-$5000, and the references were local businesses (mom and pop hardware store and a gas station). The fourth reference never came back. The third reference, however, for a company that sells items similar to ours came back 100% negative, "company disputing charges," "will not pay old invoices," "would not recommend credit to this company."

So, again, if you're a company sending out a Credit Application, check your references.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Cool Opportunity.

I have the neat opportunity to work, when I want, on weekends or after work in the Summer at a premiere Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse sporthorse breeding and training facility here in Georgia. I will not be working for monetary compensation. I offered my services solely on a bartering agreement and just to have something to do and be around horses.

It's always a good feeling when you tell someone your skills: the ones you're more than comfortable in, and the skills that you're less comfortable in, but only because you haven't performed them often enough, and they come back with, "you sound perfect!" and "you sound unbelievable." Now, most of what I have done with horses I don't consider "unbelievable," but I guess, for some people it is.

I don't know the ins and outs yet about what the "job" entails, but I expect to speak with the facility owners soon.

The stable is immaculate and is modeled after a European chateau.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I drive big trucks.

F-350 Diesel pick-up truck towing a gooseneck stock trailer with four steers being hauled to market. Yeah...I've driven that.

Right now, I'm driving Andrew's Red Tahoe (Z-71 Sport Package lifted) because I want to, but nothing annoys me more than friggin' soccer mom/Buckhead Bitches attempting to drive full-sized SUVs (and even some of the midsize ones!)

Let's face it, most of the people that suck at driving SUVs are, indeed, women. Today, for example, I go to ABC to grab lunch.

I am almost swiped by a woman driving an Acura SUV, almost run over by a woman driving a Jeep Cherokee, and the piece de resistance....a woman holding up parking lot traffic by doing a 15-point reverse in her TAHOE (not me).

If you can't drive a large truck or SUV, don't drive them. You're a danger to everyone else. Left hand on the wheel, right hand holding cell phone against LEFT EAR is friggin' dangerous! Don't do it!

P.S. Your SUV is LARGE. It's not the size of your Civic or tiny Beamer. You cannot zip in and out of traffic like you would with them. I'd appreciate it if you didn't cut me off! That one to two car length space in front of me is not me allowing you to "squeeze in," it's me being a safe driver!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Really now?

(Amanda, I love you, but I have to complain about the rude service I received from the bridal store)

Because my schedule has been so hectic, I decided to call the bridal store where Amanda's bridesmaid dresses are and have my dress shipped. Now, shipping, UPS, with insurance from Buford to my house is $8.48 for 10 lbs. I highly doubt the dress is 10 lbs, but I thought I'd take the liberty of adding weight. A box? Say, $5 for the box and shipping materials. That equals $13.48.

I tried calling the bridal store (when I at work) yesterday. It rang and rang and one answered so I'm assuming they were on the other line (called from cell and work phone).

I called this morning at 10:01 rang and rang and rang (no answering service picking up like it did when I called at 9:32). I wait, and I call just now (10:30am), and it rings six times before someone answers.

I ask them about shipping out my dress. The woman was NOT friendly, "Uh - well are the dresses IN yet?"

"What name?"
"Shelby xxxxxxx."
"We don't have a dress for that name."
"Is it under the bride's name?"
"Okay.....Amanda xxxx."
"What girl?"
(really now?)
"Shelby xxxxxxx."
"Shipping is $37.10 via UPS. You send us a check, and we send the dress once it clears."
"You can't do a UPS Collect."
[resounding] "NO."
"Why not?"
"We only accept checks or money orders. It's $37.10."
"Okay, thanks. I'll get that out to you today......UPS OVERNIGHT."
She hangs up.

$37.10? $37.10?!

Don't get me wrong, Amanda told us it was $37 and change, but why?

And why so rude? How do I know that you have to call and tell them the bride's name...not the person whose dress it is? Geez Louise.

Damn good thing I have a seamstress on-hand with a rapid turn-around! :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

YOU translate....

"I want buy for puppies for 1 girl and 1 boy if you can then how much cost make sure and that trust price 25.00 then i can but for boxer puppies. please you send to me email i will meet you place or home."

Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm sorry...I can't understand you.

I thought some of you might find this humorous. While I was driving home last night, I came upon a sign (in someone's yard) that said "Barn and Pasture for Rent," and it gave a phone number. I called the number, and a woman answers:

"Hi, I saw your sign for the barn and pasture for rent, and I was wanting to know more about it."
"Okay, I can answer your questions. Like what?"
"Like...what type of barn is it? What type of fencing do you have? Stuff like that."
"What type of what?"
"I'm sorry....uh....uh....a what?"
"FENCING. As in a fence?"
"I'm sorry, but I don't understand what word you're saying. My husband comes home in about 30 minutes, I can have him call you. I just don't know what you're saying."
"FENC-ing as in a picket fence? What type of FENCING is around the PASTURE?"
"Maybe you can spell the word?"
"Well....we don't have any fence I don't think."
"You don't have any fencing around the pasture?"
"The what?"
"The pasture. The barn and pasture for rent - you don't have your pastures fenced?"
"OH the BARN. I thought you meant our house."

R.I.P. Diesel pup

About seven years ago, my friend e-mailed to tell me he had adopted a Rottweiler from the animal shelter near him in Tennessee. This was a big step as Don had raised Rottweilers and English Mastiffs, and after his last one passed away, he said "never again." "Never again" not because he didn't love the breed but because of the heartbreak of losing them.

I still rememeber what he said. A friend of his was in animal rescue, and she had left the shelter picking up dogs. She called Don and told him there was a young, male Rottweiler at the shelter that needed adoption quickly. Don drove down to the shelter, met the Rottweiler, but those old memories of "never again" surfaced, and he told the staff he'd think about it. He got home, and he said he thought long and hard....and three minutes later (haha) he was adopting the Rottweiler known as "Diesel."

I think Diesel was a little less than a year old or maybe slightly older than a year old, but still a big puppy.

He'd run from window to window in the house as Don was mowing the yard, watching him. When he was outside with Don, he would steal Don's work glove and take off with it.

It was a perfect match.

A couple of weeks ago, Don told me that Diesel had been diagnosed with cancer, and he didn't know the prognosis.

Last night, I received an e-mail, and it's subject line was merely "Diesel." I knew what it was going to say before I opened it. Sure enough, Diesel had been diagnosed with aggressive cancer and had less than a few months to live.

Because his quality of life was decreasing rapidly, Don made the decision to euthanize Diesel yesterday.

What joy Diesel brought into Don's life.

Rest in painless peace, Diesel pup. Say hi to Ichabod, Duke, Uno, and Tobey for me.

I'm an avid Amazon person. If it's not Once and Again Used Books, it's definitely Amazon for used books or used DVDs. This time is different.

I opted to purchase three used books from a seller in Georgia (a company). Normally, when I do this, I receive my books in a couple of days.

I made my purchase Thursday, April 23rd. According to the seller's profile, they are "required" to ship items within 2 business days. That would make it Monday, April 27th. It's now May 1st, and I haven't received my books.

I sent an e-mail to Customer Service last night as there aren't any tracking numbers or updates on my order.

Keep in mind, Hippo Books is in Atlanta. The books' description says, "Ships from Atlanta, GA."

I received a canned, copy-paste response (addressed to "I" as in that's how they addressed name...."I") from Hippo Books detailing how items ship and time period. They inform me that it could take 14 days for me to receive my items, but that if my books aren't received by May 20th, to contact them.

14 days? We live in the same damn area! If my books were really shipped out on Monday, I would have them by now. I would have had them Tuesday or Wednesday.

Yes, I may be unreasonable in my expectations, but I chose this Seller because they were in Atlanta, Georgia so I naturally assumed (stupid me) that my books would arrive quicker.