Friday, May 29, 2009

Georgia Battlefield EVPs

So both Andrew and I listen to EVPs and the like. Georgia, especially in our area, has a high concentration of Civil War battlefields. We're going to start recording EVPs from the sites :)

Some tips for recording EVPs:

1. Choose a specific site.
2. Visit the site at the same time and place each visit. The entities will get used to your "schedule."
3. Ask to only be contacted by those entities wanting to do good.
4. Ask the entity, "do you have something you want to say?"
5. Track where each recording is made such as on a hand-drawn map (e.g. draw a map of the area. Mark "recording 1 - date") to see if there is a pattern.
6. Always use ear muff style headphones when listening to the EVPs at home.

For more EVP info, visit this site:

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