Thursday, March 31, 2011

AIN'T THAT SOME SHEET? (Twin Sheet Set drive)

AIN'T THAT SOME SHEET? (Twin sheet drive)

My brother, currently deployed in Afghanistan, has informed me that they are still in dire need of twin sheet sets.  These sheet sets cannot be purchased at the airfield where he is currently located.

If you, your community organization, or anyone you know would like to donate twin sheet sets (clean, new, still in the package) to our civilians deployed overseas, please let me know.

I will collect and ship them altogether.  Please PM me for more information, or e-mail me at


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What are people thinking?

Driving into work this morning, I was listening to the 98.5 FM morning show here in Atlanta.  Yesterday, the DJs had mentioned that Abercrombie & Fitch were selling padded bikinis for girls ages 7 to 8.  WHAT? I didn't hear the rest of the show yesterday, but this morning a woman calls in and said, "I'd have no problem buying that for my daughter."  What was her reasoning? "Because it would make her more popular with the boys at the pool."  Huh?  Your daughter is 7 years old.  Shouldn't she be playing with her Barbies or Legos rather than worried about what boys think of her?  The mother elaborated:

"I remember at that age, I was insecure and awkward.  So if the padding in her bathing suit makes her popular and brings her more friends, what's wrong with that?  Plus, it would make her popular with the little boys at the pool."

No, lady.  I think you have "little boys at the pool" confused with the child pornography perverts.  At the age of 7, little boys still think girls are yucky (most of them.)  I don't know what kind of upbringing this mother had, but at age 7 or 8, I was popping off the legs of my Barbies trying to get them to ride my Breyer horses.  Boys were the LAST thing on my mind, and being "insecure?"  What this mother is teaching her child is popularity is based on how well endowed you are.  Yeah, lady.  That's a great lesson to be teaching your daughter.

Part 2 of the program this morning had a very pissy lady call in and say that she had needed a refund from a store for something, and the clerk gave her $500 back versus $50 she was supposed to receive.  This consumer decided she was entitled to the additional $450 because, "I'm out of a job, and this dumb clerk can't even punch numbers in correctly so I think I deserve it."  The consumer's husband told her she needed to return the money, but the consumer is deadset and determined to keep it.  Hey, case you didn't know, "two wrongs don't make a right," and what you're being isn't "deserving," it's called being selfish with a dash of immaturity.  That's right...make someone else lose their job because you lost yours and think you're entitled to money that isn't yours.

I have to wonder, what are people thinking?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sorry, I don't take bribes.

I've been a longtime user of Ebay.  During the span of twelve years, I have only left negative feedback twice.  The only reasons I leave negative feedback are poor communication, item not as described, or just my order being FUBAR otherwise, folks get positive feedback.

I've been successful in dealing with, for the most part, great assets to the Ebay community...until a few weeks ago.  Andrew had chosen an item for his Honda, and I bid on it (and won it) through Ebay.  The "seller" was a big-time seller: selling 4,000+ items per month.  To me, this said, "I'm a business."  I immediately paid for the item. The next day, I received an e-mail "item has shipped." 

A few days after the "item has shipped" e-mail, I receive an e-mail that the item is on backorder due to international shipping problems from its country of origin (China.)  Hmm - they're selling an item they don't have? They offer me a replacement item or a refund.  I chose a refund.  When they sent me the e-mail, they requested my response by the end of that day, or they would choose for me.  Isn't that convenient? What if I didn't have internet access that day? Luckily, I beat the clock.

Ten days go by, and I still don't have a refund.  I contact the company.  Within a few hours, I receive an e-mail that "item has shipped."  Huh? I thought they didn't have it? Even more confusing was an hour after that, I receive an e-mail from customer service that my refund has been processed.  Judging by the time schedule of the e-mails I'm receiving, this company is based out of China.

I log into my Ebay account, and I find a request for payment on the item that they 1) didn't have, 2) sent me a refund on, 3) never shipped.  I sent a message to the seller and to Ebay, and I cancel the request.  We never received the item, but we received the refund (after waiting a week even though I was assured it would be processed "within 48 hours.")

I left negative feedback: Buyer Beware.  Poor Communication.  Did not even have item!

It's true.  They're a large company selling items they don't have in their possession to sell, and their communication sucks.

While I was in Vegas, I received a snotty phone call from a woman wanting to "discuss the negative feedback I left for their company on Ebay."  I quickly told her I was away on business and would be unable to speak to her.  She then said she'd call back.  I return, and I find a message from the "seller" through Ebay...

"Seller requests feedback change."

That's right.  Well not only did they request feedback change to 100% positive, they sent me a note stating that if I did so, they'd immediately pay me $10 via PayPal for changing it.

So you want to bribe me to change my crappy experience to reflect positive feedback? I don't think so.  Now I know why they have a fair positive feedback rating: they bribe people to change their feedback.  I'm pretty sure Ebay would say, "you can request a feedback reversal," but I highly doubt it says, "offer them money to do so."

Vegas: Trip # 6

I just got back from Las Vegas.  This makes trip #6 for me to Las Vegas.  Of course it was for business, not pleasure.  After the second or third time to Las Vegas, it loses its appeal.
However, some new things did occur....

(All photos were taken with my non-modern Pantech flip photos to come!)

The view from my room (Cosmopolitan - different story there) during the day...

The view from my room at night...

A new ale that I love: Speakeasy Prohibition Ale...

And I completed a Rubix cube...
Review on The Cosmopolitan and some other tidbits to come!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Living up to my grey hair...

I'm almost thirty.
I have had grey hair since I was twenty.


I was looking for something to occupy my spare time when I came across a knitting loom at the craft store.  It looked simple enough, and it was inexpensive ($8) so I picked up a bundle of "candy apple" colored worsted yarn, and I went to work.  Wrap here, wrap there, go back across, wrap again, take my hook, lift the stitch and start all over again.  Thank God for the note: "stitch will be loose" in the instructions because I thought I was really screwing something up.

Two feet later, I have a scarf starting.  They were right (on the box:) it IS easy.

My fiancé said, "well now we know what we're getting for Christmas this year."

Sunday, March 6, 2011

"So you want me to perfect perfection?"

I noticed the last couple of months that I have trouble driving at night (halos, or the glow/sparkling around headlights, traffic lights, etc.) and am squinting more to read the t.v. guide on the screen twenty feet away at night in our living room so I headed to the eye doctor's office for a check-up.  I signed up for the whole shotgun of tests as it had been awhile since my last eye appointment.  I got to do the "fun" glaucoma pouf test and all that jazz.

She took me into the exam room, and I had to read off the charts to her.  When I was done she said, "let's go for the bonus round."  When she was done, she told me I had 20/15 vision, and I said, "I still have trouble at night, etc."  She said, "so you're asking me to perfect perfection then? I don't know if I can, but I'll try," and she did...and it worked :)

She wrote me a prescription for "as needed" glasses (night driving, night reading, etc.)

I chose these...

I should have them in about seven days.  They're just a small magnification, but they have anti-glare coating so I can drive better at night without squinting to try to remove the halos. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dating: Thank God I don't have to do THAT anymore!

Last night, we were lazy and decided to eat out. We go to a chain restaurant in our area, and we are seated in a booth behind a couple. Based on the [loud] conversation, we determined they were *probably* on a first date.

Here we go (enjoy!)

Man: (deep redneck accent...yes, there is a difference between "Southern" and "Redneck") Yeah well I bought her a bunch of stuff like clothes, and jewelry, and stuff. Then I bought her a diamond ring - 2.5 carats - when I done give it to her, she said, "it ain't from Tiffany's."

Woman: Oh my gosh? Are you serious?! HAHAHAHAHA

Man: Yeah, I mean her parents don't know I got her the laptop or that purse. She done told her parents that she got that purse from a friend! I got an e-mail the other day telling me that the custom shoes I bought her were in. I mean, I let her pick out the colors and everything.

Woman: Oh goodness! That was awesome of you!

Man: And then when we broke up, we had this dog. And she moved in with her dad, and her dad done told her, "this dog, it got to go!" So she gave the dog to me to find it a home. I contacted a mutual friend of ours down in McDonough that had a nice big farm for it, and he said, "I'll take care of it," but you know what happened?

Woman: NO...oh my gosh...what happened?!

Man: When I brung that dog down there, he said he'd take care of it by putting a .22 to its head and pullin' the trigger.

Woman: Oh my God! That's awful! What did you do?!

Man: Well I done took that dog back, and I started drivin' around them nice neighborhoods? And I found a house that had a fenced in backyard and stuff, and it had a healthy lookin' dog, so I just opened the gate and put the dog in there.

Woman: Aww, I bet it was a nice home!

Man: Well she done called our friend to ask about "Murphy," and when she found out he wha-int at the farm, she asked me, "WHERE IS HE?!" So she done put WANTED and LOST posters up everywhere...

Woman: Oh my God. Are you serious? HAHAHAHAHA

Man: Yeah! And then wouldn't you know, I get a phone call from Fulton County Animal Control telling me they done have my dog!

Woman: How did they know who to call?

Man: Well that dog had one of those chippy things in it. HAHAHAHA


** Waitress brings the check to them. **

Man: You got this?

Woman: Uh...I can get this.

Man: Yeah 'cause all that money I done spent on HER, I am dead broke. I ain't got a DIME to my name!

Woman: problem.

Man: Thanks. Well I thought this went well...?

Woman: Yeah.

Man: Have a safe drive home, honey. Call me when you get there so I know you got home all right.

Woman: Okay - I DEFINITELY will.

What.the.(you fill in the rest)?! My fiancé reached forward, grabbed my hands and said, sarcastically, "aren't you glad you don't have to go through that anymore?" I mean what is wrong with people: who goes on a date and talks about their ex, how they bought stuff, shooting a dog, abandoning a dog, and then "you got this?" What the Hell?