Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Did someone steal a lock for a spell?

This weekend, my fiancé and I decided to get haircuts. We stopped in at a local salon, and there were three women working. One woman was clearly getting ready to go home and was about to clock out when another stylist grabbed her purse, and walked out of the salon (she didn't have a client.)

The "about to leave" stylist exclaimed, "What the Hell?" Apparently the other stylist was thirsty and left to get a drink...at the same time the "ATL" (About To Leave) stylist was clocking out.

The remaining two stylists look at me and say, "it will be a few minutes - sorry."

Sure enough, about fifteen minutes later, in walks the stylist. ATL left in a huff. Drink stylist, mine, motions to me with an attitude to come here, and sit down.

I take my hair down out of the elastic, and I quickly do a finger part to the side telling her what I wanted: "just about 1/2 inch trim all the way around and some bangs in the front - side part," and I proceed to show her the length, etc.

What does my stylist do? She starts spraying my hair with water. Okay...normal. Then she starts cutting. Okay...NOT normal. She didn't part my hair. She didn't comb my hair, she just started cutting. OH BOY!

She gets done doing a trim all the way around, picks up about 1/2" of hair in the front and *snip snip* gone. The line of hair now falls below my jawbone, and she uses her finger to swish it out of the way of my face.

"How's that?"

I have a half-smile on my face. She says, "what? You want them shorter?"

Why yes. I would love for my bangs to be the length I indicated.

She picks up the meager 1/2" line again and *snip snip* now they're 1/2" shorter. Annoyed, I thank her, and that was that.

As we get home, and my hair settles, I notice this line on my face.

1/2" line of hair with a chopped off square end just sitting there. Beautiful. These are my "bangs." It looked like someone stole a lock of hair for a potion. It looks like a kid had a pair of scissors and cut my hair. I blow it out of my face, and it falls right back down...an elongated rectangle.

No way is this going to work. I find a pair of scissors and decide to attempt to emulate what previous stylists had done and cut my own bangs.

Immortalized in an iPhone App

When I was contacted by a family member to design some graphics for his iPhone App, I was thrilled.

"BabyLogs" is the result of both of our work.

What better model could I have chosen to sketch and immortalize than my new (as of Thanksgiving last year) 2nd cousin?

Let's just go ahead and add - "creator of iPhone App graphics" to my resumé, and don't forget to check out BabyLogs :)