Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Living up to my grey hair...

I'm almost thirty.
I have had grey hair since I was twenty.


I was looking for something to occupy my spare time when I came across a knitting loom at the craft store.  It looked simple enough, and it was inexpensive ($8) so I picked up a bundle of "candy apple" colored worsted yarn, and I went to work.  Wrap here, wrap there, go back across, wrap again, take my hook, lift the stitch and start all over again.  Thank God for the note: "stitch will be loose" in the instructions because I thought I was really screwing something up.

Two feet later, I have a scarf starting.  They were right (on the box:) it IS easy.

My fiancé said, "well now we know what we're getting for Christmas this year."

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