Sunday, March 6, 2011

"So you want me to perfect perfection?"

I noticed the last couple of months that I have trouble driving at night (halos, or the glow/sparkling around headlights, traffic lights, etc.) and am squinting more to read the t.v. guide on the screen twenty feet away at night in our living room so I headed to the eye doctor's office for a check-up.  I signed up for the whole shotgun of tests as it had been awhile since my last eye appointment.  I got to do the "fun" glaucoma pouf test and all that jazz.

She took me into the exam room, and I had to read off the charts to her.  When I was done she said, "let's go for the bonus round."  When she was done, she told me I had 20/15 vision, and I said, "I still have trouble at night, etc."  She said, "so you're asking me to perfect perfection then? I don't know if I can, but I'll try," and she did...and it worked :)

She wrote me a prescription for "as needed" glasses (night driving, night reading, etc.)

I chose these...

I should have them in about seven days.  They're just a small magnification, but they have anti-glare coating so I can drive better at night without squinting to try to remove the halos. 

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