Friday, May 15, 2009

Grey's Anatomy: To End Suspicions

Okay, if you saw the 5th Season Finale last night, then you know there is a major cliffhanger. Here is my opinion. (Warning: SPOILER)

We learn that Georgia is "John Doe" who was poorly mangled and burned when he pushed a girl out of the way of a bus and was hit himself. He writes "007" on Meredith's palm post-surgery #1. Meredith (in a great acting moment) freaks out and says, "Oh my God, it's GEORGE!" George had just signed up to join the Army as a Doctor earlier that day.

Now, knowing that both TR Knight and Katherine Heigl wanted to leave the show, I think that George is definitely dead. Chances are, at the beginning of the next season, it will start sad and somber, people dressed in black for George (and maybe Izzie's) funeral. How do I know this?

Did you see George at the end? Did you see the massive, serious, disfiguring burn on the side of his face? He's not coming back as Two Face. I'm pretty sure he's done. Even Mark Sloan couldn't repair his face.

Izzie. Well I don't know. I think they might drag Izzie's character out a little longer. After all, at the end, George was already off the elevator (why was he wearing Dress Blues, or were they Class As? I can't remember. He only signed paperwork for the Army.) Izzie, however, gives George (and past George) a look like, "do I want to go? should I go?" and she never gets off the elevator.

I think she'll come back next season for at least one or two episodes on life support. While she's on life support, I have a feeling we'll see an alter world in which Denny is there and George, and they'll talk to her (kind of like when Meredith "died").

Then, I think Alex will have to make the decision to "pull the plug."


Amanda said...

I thought they were Class B's...weren't they green? It didn't stick out to me just because I assumed they were B's, lol. I could be wrong.

And your assessment is exactly what I think is going to happen. I think Izzie is going to hang out on the elevator a while longer (on life support), but I definitely think George is a goner. Which is a disappointment because I really like TR Knight. Granted, his character got very little play, and very little development, this season, so I suppose it'll be okay to lose the character. I definitely think Alex is going to be the one who has to make the decision to pull the plug on Izzie. They had that whole dialogue about cutting L-vads. Same thing, right? She cut the L-vad which eventually led to Denny's death, so why shouldn't Alex pull the plug on her too? (Granted, that wasn't her goal when she cut Denny's L-vad.)

I did think the clandestine marriage ceremony between Meredith and Derek was perfect for them. I wonder if they'll ever make it legal...or if they'll just drag it on until it's at least common-law? At any rate, I was glad they didn't have a ceremony because that's not exactly in step with their characters.

My only disappointment was in how the development between Christina and Hunt was overshadowed. I'm hoping there will be a shift in attention next season because I'm a little more than ready for her to allow herself to be happy.

Jack said...

Class As are the green more formal uniforms than Class Bs (short-sleeved shirt, dark green pants).

Back on

As rumor had it that Knight and Heigl were leaving, I figured they'd both die somehow.

I must admit, though. Knight's character ("George") died with a bang, didn't he?

"007.....007? George? OMG! It's GEORGE!" was some great acting on "Meredith's" part.

Amanda said...

Oh yeah, no doubt! I still get chills when I think about it.

Have to admit, though, I was a little offended when that woman said that he was plain-looking. I think TR Knight is adorable!

It'll be very interesting to see what happens in the season opener. But I definitely think George is already dead and Izzie's on her way out.