Thursday, May 7, 2009

I drive big trucks.

F-350 Diesel pick-up truck towing a gooseneck stock trailer with four steers being hauled to market. Yeah...I've driven that.

Right now, I'm driving Andrew's Red Tahoe (Z-71 Sport Package lifted) because I want to, but nothing annoys me more than friggin' soccer mom/Buckhead Bitches attempting to drive full-sized SUVs (and even some of the midsize ones!)

Let's face it, most of the people that suck at driving SUVs are, indeed, women. Today, for example, I go to ABC to grab lunch.

I am almost swiped by a woman driving an Acura SUV, almost run over by a woman driving a Jeep Cherokee, and the piece de resistance....a woman holding up parking lot traffic by doing a 15-point reverse in her TAHOE (not me).

If you can't drive a large truck or SUV, don't drive them. You're a danger to everyone else. Left hand on the wheel, right hand holding cell phone against LEFT EAR is friggin' dangerous! Don't do it!

P.S. Your SUV is LARGE. It's not the size of your Civic or tiny Beamer. You cannot zip in and out of traffic like you would with them. I'd appreciate it if you didn't cut me off! That one to two car length space in front of me is not me allowing you to "squeeze in," it's me being a safe driver!

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Amanda said...

Hey, off-topic, but I kinda need a response soon...did you see my FB message about whether or not you were still planning to come to the bridesmaid's luncheon (Fri. May 22)? My aunt hasn't heard back, which leads me to believe that maybe your invite was sent to the old address, which might account for the mysterious third "wedding" invitation...which a brother could very easily overlook. Let me know, please, so I can tell her tomorrow! :) Thanks!