Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Really now?

(Amanda, I love you, but I have to complain about the rude service I received from the bridal store)

Because my schedule has been so hectic, I decided to call the bridal store where Amanda's bridesmaid dresses are and have my dress shipped. Now, shipping, UPS, with insurance from Buford to my house is $8.48 for 10 lbs. I highly doubt the dress is 10 lbs, but I thought I'd take the liberty of adding weight. A box? Say, $5 for the box and shipping materials. That equals $13.48.

I tried calling the bridal store (when I at work) yesterday. It rang and rang and one answered so I'm assuming they were on the other line (called from cell and work phone).

I called this morning at 10:01 rang and rang and rang (no answering service picking up like it did when I called at 9:32). I wait, and I call just now (10:30am), and it rings six times before someone answers.

I ask them about shipping out my dress. The woman was NOT friendly, "Uh - well are the dresses IN yet?"

"What name?"
"Shelby xxxxxxx."
"We don't have a dress for that name."
"Is it under the bride's name?"
"Okay.....Amanda xxxx."
"What girl?"
(really now?)
"Shelby xxxxxxx."
"Shipping is $37.10 via UPS. You send us a check, and we send the dress once it clears."
"You can't do a UPS Collect."
[resounding] "NO."
"Why not?"
"We only accept checks or money orders. It's $37.10."
"Okay, thanks. I'll get that out to you today......UPS OVERNIGHT."
She hangs up.

$37.10? $37.10?!

Don't get me wrong, Amanda told us it was $37 and change, but why?

And why so rude? How do I know that you have to call and tell them the bride's name...not the person whose dress it is? Geez Louise.

Damn good thing I have a seamstress on-hand with a rapid turn-around! :)


Amanda said...

$37.10 because of the insurance they purchase for the delivery of the dress. They don't want it lost or stole en route, and if it is lost or stole en route, they want to be able to collect from UPS to replace it.

I don't know who you talked to, but this is certainly not someone I'm familiar with. The people I talk to are usually the owner and her daughter, and they are often extremely nice to me, even before they know I'm the bride. Sorry this particular person was bad. But I'm glad you're getting this sorted out. I'm getting anxious, honestly. I'll be there on Saturday for my final dress fitting if you want me to pick it up, and I can give it to you on the 16th. That way you wouldn't have to spend $37.10.

Amanda said...

Lol...stolen. I think the "en" of "en route" must have mixed me up. And no my post. Arg.

Jack said...

It's okay. We forgive you...until post-wedding, that is :)