Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm an avid Amazon person. If it's not Once and Again Used Books, it's definitely Amazon for used books or used DVDs. This time is different.

I opted to purchase three used books from a seller in Georgia (a company). Normally, when I do this, I receive my books in a couple of days.

I made my purchase Thursday, April 23rd. According to the seller's profile, they are "required" to ship items within 2 business days. That would make it Monday, April 27th. It's now May 1st, and I haven't received my books.

I sent an e-mail to Customer Service last night as there aren't any tracking numbers or updates on my order.

Keep in mind, Hippo Books is in Atlanta. The books' description says, "Ships from Atlanta, GA."

I received a canned, copy-paste response (addressed to "I" as in that's how they addressed name...."I") from Hippo Books detailing how items ship and time period. They inform me that it could take 14 days for me to receive my items, but that if my books aren't received by May 20th, to contact them.

14 days? We live in the same damn area! If my books were really shipped out on Monday, I would have them by now. I would have had them Tuesday or Wednesday.

Yes, I may be unreasonable in my expectations, but I chose this Seller because they were in Atlanta, Georgia so I naturally assumed (stupid me) that my books would arrive quicker.

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