Thursday, April 30, 2009


[free] Puppies are in Rydal, Georgia.
We are in Woodstock, Georgia.
Andrew was meeting two people in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Two women said they wanted puppies and were specific as to which ones. We agreed to have Andrew go up to the owner's house, get the puppies, drive down to Kennesaw and deliver the puppies.

On the way down to Kennesaw to deliver the puppies, one of the women (who were gung-ho about getting the puppy today) calls and asks Andrew if we can watch one of the puppies overnight so she can pick it up tomorrow.

What the heck?

These people have known for a WEEK now that today is the pick-up day. Why couldn't she have called earlier, before Andrew made the trek to get the puppies, to cancel for today?

I guess I gotta break it to Andrew that it's dangerous bringing a non-housebroken, non-crate trained, non-vaccinated, non-dewormed puppy into the house with our two.

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