Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm sorry...I can't understand you.

I thought some of you might find this humorous. While I was driving home last night, I came upon a sign (in someone's yard) that said "Barn and Pasture for Rent," and it gave a phone number. I called the number, and a woman answers:

"Hi, I saw your sign for the barn and pasture for rent, and I was wanting to know more about it."
"Okay, I can answer your questions. Like what?"
"Like...what type of barn is it? What type of fencing do you have? Stuff like that."
"What type of what?"
"I'm sorry....uh....uh....a what?"
"FENCING. As in a fence?"
"I'm sorry, but I don't understand what word you're saying. My husband comes home in about 30 minutes, I can have him call you. I just don't know what you're saying."
"FENC-ing as in a picket fence? What type of FENCING is around the PASTURE?"
"Maybe you can spell the word?"
"Well....we don't have any fence I don't think."
"You don't have any fencing around the pasture?"
"The what?"
"The pasture. The barn and pasture for rent - you don't have your pastures fenced?"
"OH the BARN. I thought you meant our house."

1 comment:

The Journey said...

I think you need to go to the doctor... You are a magnet for these types!

Made me laugh though!