Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Update: Never Again

I was out sick from work on Monday and on Tuesday, and I'm hanging in there today.

Sometime yesterday afternoon, Andrew called the appliance store. He said, "it just rang and rang and no one picked up." I told him to dial using *67 (which doesn't show your number on caller ID when you call) so we did. Two rings - the phone is answered:

Me: Is this "All About Appliances"?
Man: It is.
Me: Hi - we purchased a washer and dryer from you guys that were delivered on Saturday, and we called back on Saturday to tell you that the dryer didn't work properly. Someone was supposed to come out on Monday to fix the dryer, and no one ever showed up or called, and we both took off work to stay here today and wait (not true). (I forgot to mention about the woman on Monday saying the following: "well he doesn't work today so when he calls in, I'll have him call you.")
Man: Where are you?
Me: Woodstock.
Man: They picked up a dryer on Sunday and were supposed to have swapped it out on Sunday already. Both of them called in sick today. *hmph* Kinda makes you wonder what they did over the weekend.
Me: Well no one called, and no one showed, and the dryer still doesn't work.
Man: Is someone gonna be there tomorrow? or is the dryer out in the garage or something where I can just swap it out?
Me: Yes, my boyfriend will be here.
Man: Okay, well I will come in the morning, before noon, and swap out the dryer for you then. I'm sorry. They were supposed to have gone out on Sunday and did this already.

Now I don't particularly believe him so Andrew and I did every single piece of laundry we could possibly do...just in case we get screwed over again.

// 12:26pm - Guess what? No phone call. No one has shown up yet. Andrew is calling them now to find out WTH is going on.

// 12: 35pm - Andrew called the store. A woman answered and told him that she would have the owner call him when he (the owner) returned in 30 minutes.

// 12:55pm - Andrew sent text saying they were at the apartment.

// 1:45pm (1345) - They came and swapped out our dryer with another dryer that they brought. We'll see if this one works any better.

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