Monday, January 19, 2009

Never again.

This weekend, I bought a Washer and Dryer from a store called "All About Appliances" in Lithia Springs, GA. We answered their ad on Craigslist which read, as follows:

Kenmore Black-face Washer and Dryer set. Comes with 45 days warranty. Won't last long! Delivery and set up possible.

BUYER BEWARE: This group advertises on Craigslist for washers, dryers, and other items with the promises that there is a 45-day warranty, etc. They embellish their ads. When we called on a W&D they were selling, they informed us the W&D were 5 years old, heavy duty, and came with a warranty. They would deliver and setup for us to make sure the appliances worked. we thought.

The delivery man came, and when he did, he brought a W&D that was white...and around the dials was black. That's what they called "Black face." He wheeled them into our apartment, and they are almost completely rusted. Inside the dryer drum was rat feces, paperclips, dirt, and melted "gum" or something.

The delivery man came and turned on the washer - told us the dryer needed a different plug than the one he had. We went to the store to grab the new plug. We researched the serial numbers and model numbers. The washer and dryer was 18 years old, having been manufactured in 1990...not 5 years old. We came back and put on the new plug.

The dryer dried for ten minutes. I checked to see the status of the clothes, closed the door, went to hit "start," and the dryer hummed and shut itself off (except the timer) and a burning smell was present. We called the store who said to flip the breaker back and forth and try again. We waited a few minutes, did that, and it worked....for another 20 minutes....then it shut itself off mid-cycle. We tried flipping the breaker back and forth to no avail. We waited 20 minutes, annoyed, and pressed start again. The dryer started back up. The dryer shut itself off 10 minutes later. We called the company again. They told us to flip the breaker back and forth that our circuit breaker blew.....but it hadn't. They tried to pawn off the dryer not working on our circuit breaker, but there was nothing wrong with our breaker.

We were told that the repairman would be back out on Monday - first thing in the morning - to fix our machine. It's now 4pm on that Monday, and the repair person still hasn't come out to the house or called. I called the store at 1pm to ask, and they said that they weren't at the office today (holiday) and had no way of getting in touch with their repairman, but if he called in, they'd tell him to call us but not to expect him until later this afternoon.

I spoke with someone at Sears in their appliance department who said that the dryer's motor was trying to go out. They said that the store was hoping we could tolerate drying in 10-20 minute cycles, then letting the dryer's motor cool down and try again....until the warranty wore off - then the dryer motor would probably crap out, and we'd be SOL.

Buyer beware: they lie about the age and condition of their appliances and will sell WELL WORN...almost dead appliances with a short warranty.

// 6:20pm (1820) Still no repairman call. No store call. No repairman visit.

// 8:42pm (2042) No repairman call. No store call. No repairman visit.


Amanda said...

If they weren't at the store today, where on Earth were they taking your call to tell you that they weren't in the store? Ugh...this is part of the reason why I've waited so long to take my vacuum cleaner to go get repaired. It's in desperate need, and I can't afford it...and I don't want to deal with the BS from Sears. :\ Good luck, Jack. It's annoying, I know.

Jack said...

We didn't buy the washer/dryer at Sears. Apparently, the phone was forwarded to the owner of the company's house (?). We think it's "funny" that she had no way of getting in touch with him...because she was at the house.

So you have no idea how to get in touch with your employees who are supposed to come to someone's home to fix their appliances you sold to them on Saturday? ugh.

Amanda said...

I guess I got confused because you mentioned that you spoke to someone in Sears.

Jack said...

Sears manufactured the set 19 years ago :)