Monday, January 26, 2009

My latest addiction: LEFT 4 DEAD

My newest addiction is Left 4 Dead on XBox 360. The 4 campaigns are great, and I "hear" the creators will release more campaigns. I'm a little miffed that there's a lack of storyline as, say, Bioshock, but nonetheless, where else can you score an achievement for avoiding being vomitted on by a zombie? Throwing a Molotov at a witch zombie, etc.?

From a post I made on HGG about Left 4 Dead:

Some tips for Left 4 Dead....

1) If you are fighting a campaign (as opposed to versus), stick together. This is the key point when playing this game. Never have someone run ahead and alert the hoard. When playing, find a corner or a spot where your back is to the wall - instead of having full 4 areas exposed. a) HOWEVER, the team of you need to keep moving. As you stand there, the game will produce more and more zombies (I believe the creators address this). You have to keep moving. Don't think you can stand there, and the zombies will eventually stop.

2) When fighting with three areas exposed as opposed to four, someone with a shotgun can crouch in front of someone with an assault rifle and can attack the hoard easier. That way you don't have to worry about reloading and getting hit (even though you can mêlée aka hit and shove aka Left Trigger). This also reduces the chances of friendly fire.

3) It is good for someone in your party to have a hunting rifle; however, don't snipe zombies unless someone has your back. The rifle is also the most powerful weapon against the Tanks.

4) When sneaking around witches, turn off your flashlight, and walk behind her. Don't shoot anything; don't throw anything. If you have to fight a witch, your best technique is to throw a Molotov at her, and put as much distance in between yourself and the witch. The burning Molotov will reduce her health - hopefully long enough that you can easily kill her. You can easily hit the witch by NOT aiming directly at her head when she turns to look at you, but just below her hair (see Crownd - shotgun to the back of the head...not a hunting rifle from afar - and Witch Hunter achievements).

5) When it comes to Boomers, they will spit/vomit on you and alert the hoard. Instead, mêlée (Left Trigger) Boomer like there is no tomorrow.

6) Like Copperkat said....LISTEN:a) Coughing: Smoker nearbyb) Screeching/screaming (similar to "the most annoying sound in the world" from Dumb and Dumber): Hunterc) Baby crying: Witchd) Belching/Sputtering Noises: Boomere) Sudden dramatic turn in the music/ground shaking: Tank coming

7) It's fairly easy to gain achievements in Left 4 Dead....just remember one important thing I've learned....don't be greedy or stingy with the Health Kits. If you have almost full health...and a health have a teammate who is low on health....SHARE. Not only will you have a teammate still, but you can gain achievements by helping your teammates. I believe there is also an achievement for giving pain pills though I'm not sure. Don't be rude and leave your teammates on the ground. Help them up (when/if you can). This will also [eventually] unlock an achievement.

8) BEFORE opening the safe room door to continue on in the game, take the time to look out...and kill Zombies around it! Don't rush ahead, unbar the door and head out.

9) When answering a rescue summons, before actually SUMMONING the rescue, make sure...your teammates have full ammo, health kits, and are in position of where they need to be to fight the hoard.

The biggest/best tip is DO NOT run ahead. DO NOT leave your teammates behind. This is VERRRRRY important. You will die if you run ahead, and you will have pissed off teammates.

That's it for now.

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