Sunday, October 5, 2008

Random Updates.

Let's give a quick rundown of randomness:

1. I'll be biking the Comet at least three times a week with Amyee (BG'sB). It helps that they are all of 0.2 miles from the trail in the first place, and my work is about 6 minutes from their house (works out great!).

2. September 13th marked my 1 year anniversary working as a salesperson, and I am just shy of working two years at ESI.

3. I head to Beantown in November for GreenBuild and will be spending an additional 2-1/2 days in Beantown just because I can :)

4. The gas situation has cleared up in Atlanta, and *knock on wood* I'm happy to say I did NOT run out of gas, and the longest I had to wait in line for gas? Six minutes.

5. September 30th marked 27 years old. I have wonderful friends, and on the 27th had a kickass BBQ. We missed some people there, but they had very valid reasons (school/gas and illness).

6. I've passed along my "Breathe More, Worry Less" mentality to others :) (And yes, there is a blog detailing Breathe More, Worry Less, and its authorship).

7. CAMPING! Yep, that's next on the agenda, and I'm looking forward to sharing those pictures with all.

8. I was selected and approved by one of the top German Shepherd breeders in the United States for the purchase of one of their puppies in the future to be used for Search and Rescue at an incredibly discounted price ( 1/5th of the actual price for pick of the litter male). It will be awhile before I get one though.

9. Mom gave me my great grandmother's (on Nan's side) cookbook. It is not only insightful, but it is also humorous.

10. Just another day :) I'm having a great one. I expect the camping pictures that will come from this coming weekend will make some of you smile and giddy :)

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