Saturday, October 25, 2008

Even stuck with a hurt's still a good day.

Even stuck inside, in bed, with an injured knee, it's still a good day. Maybe that's why I'm writing more on my blog: I have time to do so since I can't do much else.

The weather has finally become Fall. I haven't gone to a pumpkin patch (and I don't think I'll be able) or done anything else that's "seasonal," but it's still Fall. It's gotten to the point where the stubborn nature of trees finally say, "okay, okay...I give," and their leaves change colors. More camping will have to wait until next season unless I can convince someone that it's not THAT cold to camp in November.

Cash has a Halloween party to go to tomorrow at Petco (where the pets go! < that was just for Morgenstern's benefit). We are getting him a costume of him dressing up as a dinosaur with a caveman riding on his back. I actually wanted him to dress up as a superfly pimp, but....nah.

I had wanted to pack some things for the new place this weekend, but as I can barely stand up without writhing in pain...that's on hold.

I wanted to go to the Atlanta Bully Rally to support Pit Bull education, but that's a no go.

Bobbie has her birthday get together tonight, and I can't make that.

So what's on my schedule today?

1. Get out of bed and [attempt to] take a shower.
2. Go to Taco Bell and get lunch (that one was just for Jugs) since I don't have to get out of my car - though Wing Zone delivers.
3. Bake chocolate chip cookies for tonight. Forgetting about the ones yesterday, Jugs, I have finally perfected the ultimate chocolate chip cookies.
4. Lay up in bed and wait until tonight.

Most of you that know me knows that me lying around is going to annoy me and piss me off today so I apologize if I'm a little more snarky than usual. Then again, my blog will probably have a lot more entries!

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