Saturday, October 25, 2008

So where am I now?

Let's see, the other night, I fell down the entire flight of stairs at the house. That's right - about 10 stairs starting from the first down to the hardwood floor at the bottom. I'm grateful that I didn't break anything (I think), and that (for the first day), I was merely slightly sore and shaking. I had friends and family say, "think of what COULD have happened." Yeah, I'd rather not.

Andrew laughed when I said, "See, I'm just here to show people what NOT to do and what WOULD happen if you do it." Of course, I said this over the phone trying to choke down tears from being scared shitless, and the pain that started to spread exponentially...didn't help either.

So now we're on Day, what? 3? Thursday night, my right knee was sore. Every once in awhile, there'd be a sharp pain, I shrugged it off. Friday, I woke up - more pain, and the sharp pain caught...and stuck. I was at my desk in my office with my forehead on its surface trying to block out the pain until I bummed some Ibproufren off my "BFF." By the time five hit for me to head home, I was in pretty much all out pain, and driving home sucked. The rain and cold weather didn't help.

I went up to bed around 7 or so and never got out. I have the semblance of the shape of a knee at least. The sharp pain now prevents me from bending my knee a full 90-degrees.

I know it's not a severe Collateral Ligament injury (injuries who have letters preceding them like ACL, MCL, and LCL), and it's not a Meniscus tear as my knee didn't twist, and my knee is fine stretched. It could be a sprain to the MCL. So today, I'm doing RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

If RICE doesn't work by tomorrow, I'll have someone take me to the Emergency Care place down the road or the dreaded Kennestone.

With plans I have coming up shortly, it's really going to suck if this knee injury is more severe than I think it is :\ YAY for having a WONDERFUL group of friends though who have volunteered to help me.

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