Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Old Friends...

I do my usual weekday thing (except for the additional bonus this morning of hwarfing my guts out due to bad Mexican food!), and I head into work. Lunch comes around, and I drive over to the Atlanta Bread Company where I expect to see Kayla (a worker there who knows my order by now). I walk in, and I wait in line, and I see this curly-haired girl who looks A LOT like a girl I went to college with and hadn't seen in about six years.

As she walks away from the register, our eyes meet, and she says, "HEY GIRL!" and comes over and gives me a hug. It is, indeed, Nikki. She works for ABC now as catering sales, and she enjoys it. She lives right down the road from my work. We catch up with old times, and I save her number into my phone.

Nikki and I were in the same community service sorority. Yes, I said sorority. It wasn't your typical drink-fest, we actually did community service. When it started to become more of a "real" sorority, I bowed out. She worked at the computer labs as well, and she was (and is) always a nice and sincere person.

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Amanda said...

...I don't remember Nikki...*blink*