Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ugh...Craigslist Police

Begin rant...I had purchased a crate new from Petsmart for $39.99 in the store + tax for Cash (the puppy...not the payment method). Obviously, Cash being a puppy, he outgrew the crate. The crate was used once...maybe twice before I decided he wanted a metal crate and bought a larger one anyways.I posted the plastic crate for him on Craigslist for a price of $25 or best offer.

I thought that was reasonable considering, after tax, he had paid $42.39, was used once or twice, and in like new condition. (Keep in mind, it says "or best offer.") The online price for the crate is $32.99 + shipping, but Petsmart online and Petsmart stores differ in price. I mean, if someone wanted to offer $15 - eh - he'd sell it.I gave his point of reference in the ad as "Kennesaw (KSU area)" as some people don't know "Kennesaw, GA," but they know the exit where "Kennesaw State University" is.

I just fielded an e-mail from an "interested party," and am a little miffed by his reply. (I have received several replies, plethoras of questions, and many "I'll meet you at this time," but true to most CL persons, they never show, and I never hear from them again)

Initial E-mail:
Have you sold the Small Dog Crate you posted on October 20? If not, can you send pictures or at least the product name so I can look it up.

The dog crate is still for sale, here is information on the crate, and I can give you pictures of it later if you'd like as I'm at work.(insert information here from

Thanks for the quick response, but I’m not interested in a crate with plastic sides. Also, I would like to provide you with a suggestion. After a quick search, I was able to find the same crate at Petsmart for only $32.99, so about $35 with tax. If a person were to purchase this crate at Petsmart, they would be assured by Petsmart of a replacement or possible exchange if something was faulty or they were dissatisfied.

In addition, a person could go to their nearest Petsmart and purchase the crate at any time. Those two facts provide some value to the customer. Also, the farther a potential customer is from your location, the more value those two facts have. So my suggestion is that you should lower your price, if you wish to sell the dog crate. Otherwise you really don’t need to use Craigslist. Your ideal customer is a person living in very close proximity to you.

I'm assuming you're a KSU student, posting flyers in your area would probably be more effective. Or sitting on a bench in the middle of campus during a high volume period with the crate and a for sale sign would more effective. That eliminates the benefit of the Petsmart convenience, but for me (if I lived close to you) I would still feel as though I’m “break even” because I still don’t have the option to return the item.

Hopefully I’m wrong and you are able to sell the item."


I thanked him for the suggestions, and I informed him I haven't been in college for several years now, and I merely used KSU as a point of reference. I also asked him that if he was concerned about the ability to return the crate or an item due to being dissatisfied, why is he looking for a dog crate on Craigslist to begin with?

I told him just what I said above, with tax, $42 and change was paid for the crate from the store, and my ad stated $25 or best offer, that I didn't think that to be unreasonable for a like new crate, and would consider less if someone offered it.

I also told him that Petsmart doesn't take returns on crates merely because a dog outgrew it. They take returns on collars/leashes only after initial purchase if it's the wrong size. If Petsmart took returns on crates, etc. because animals outgrew it, what would be the point in selling pet supplies in the first place?

I mean really, now, Craigslist is a place to sell stuff. If it doesn't sell, oh well. It kind of miffs me that the CL police decides I'm asking too much and needs to school me on pricing. OR maybe I'm just having a bad day - lol.

*shakes head*

// End Rant

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chuck rampart said...

What i the psychology of arranging to meet somewhere to sell something on craigslist and then not showing up? I've experienced that, too. Just doesn't compute.