Friday, October 17, 2008

SO incredibly naive.

Every morning I listen to one particular morning show on my drive into work. It's a local morning show based out of Atlanta. For the most part, I think the DJs are great except for one DJ. She is all of twenty-two or so, and she is dumb and naive as a box of rocks! "Blonde" doesn't even begin to describe her. Now, I've never met her, but everything about her makes me annoyed, and any time she opens her mouth, it makes me cringe. Is this really the type of female that is supposed to represent us as a whole?

1. Someone needs to teach her the proper way to speak. If it's not the word "like" after like everything she like says, it's the raised inflection at the end as if everything she says is a question. My ears want to bleed.

2. When it comes to relationships, she basically stalks the men she wants. She doesn't know how to chill or be easy-going. She smothers, suffocates, and must have constant contact all the time. She even admits to this on air.

3. She is incredibly naive when it comes to relationships and thinks she has all the answers. Then we find out she's single. Example: "Girls like the jerks because like we all want to like date the jerk and like change him because that's like what we do." Oh God no. I don't want to change ANYONE. I will take someone the way they are. If they're jerks, they aren't getting my friggin' time of day. I don't care HOW hot they are.

I swear, if I have to hear one more story about how [like] she [like] got soooooo drunk [like] the other night and [like] hooked up with someone, I'm going to SCREAM!

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