Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vistaprint.com: I recommend them!

Being the artsy person that I am, I told Andrew that I would be designing our wedding invitations and response cards.  I'm not revealing the design until a few weeks after we send them out in June.  Sorry, guys. 

Let's just say it's very much...us.

I contacted some local printers and Kinko's, and the lowest they wanted JUST to print the invitations and response cards was $187.  Not bad, I know, but I like a bargain, and I knew I'd have to buy envelopes as well.

I tried Vistaprint.com  To my luck, they had their trademark "100 free postcards," and I thought....postcards....invitations...it could work.  So I did.

I ordered 100 response cards (postcards) with my artwork, 100 invitations (postcards) with my artwork, and 200 white envelopes. 

Last Saturday, I came home to find 100 response cards (no envelopes, and no other items.)  I sent an e-mail to customer service.  I came home from work on Monday to find an additional 100 response cards, 100 wedding invitations (wrong size, and I knew that so I reordered correctly on Friday for those,) and 200 white envelopes.  Oops! Should have waited!

Just now I received an e-mail from Vistaprint.com apologizing for the problems, and not only did they send out replacement 100 invitations, 100 response cards, and 200 white envelopes, but they were sending out the additional 100 invitations that I reordered.  Best part?  Vistaprint noticed there were crop marks on the artwork for the invite so they removed those and printed the invites to size - yay!  Unfortunately, they did the same thing with replacement response cards (not needed!) so I couldn't use those even if we were having a large wedding.

So now...for a whopping $46....I have....

200 usable wedding invitations
200 usable wedding response cards
500 white envelopes
100 non-usable invitations
100 non-usable response cards

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