Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekend Day Trip: Six Feet Under Pub and Fish House and Oakland Cemetery

Yes, you read that title correctly. 

On Saturday, my parents came up to visit, and myself, my mom, my SIL, and her mother had a mini-day trip planned.  When my mom told me what she wanted to do for my SIL, I said, "leave it to me."  Within a matter of minutes, I had the perfect trip planned. 

We loaded into my car, and my SIL had no idea where we were going.  I only had her read me the directions, and that was that.  When we pulled up to Six Feet Under, she said, "oh my gosh! I wanted to try this place!" (I didn't know that.) 

What a great ambience.  It looked like a fish house.  Now, if you don't know..."Six Feet Under" (the original location) overlooks Oakland Cemetery.  Oakland Cemetery is a historic cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia.  Famous names include Bobby Jones, Margaret Mitchell, and quite a few others.  Although my favorite "burial" wasn't human at all.  I digress.

We had a great lunch of various baskets: fish n' chips, shrimp, and scallops, and we headed across the street to Oakland Cemetery.

We couldn't have asked for a clearer day: bright blue skies and not a single cloud.  We made our way into the cemetery and through the rows to the Visitor's Center.  We picked up a map of the cemetery, and we began our walk. 

There are intricately carved headstones, mausoleums that would make the architects cry, and witty little sayings as well.  My favorite burial site? "Tweet."

That's right: "Tweet."  Tweet was a family's beloved pet mockingbird, and when Tweet died, they hired a carver to carve a headstone for Tweet in the family plot.  Unfortunately, the carver couldn't quite grasp a mockingbird in his work, and they changed it to a little lamb.  Tweet is buried with his family in the family plot. 

We had a great walk, but my SIL's mom was recovering from surgery, and it was a little nippy with the breeze so we decided to head home, but you can be sure I will return!

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