Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Westminster Kennel Club: Beauceron

I realize that many of you don't know what a Beauceron is.  They are still a pretty rare breed here in the United States.  They're a herding breed, and they're French (as if the name didn't give that away.)  They are large dogs, and if you had to describe them, you'd say "they resemble a mix among German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, and Rottweilers." 

Now I realize that the breed is fairly new to Westminster Kennel Club (I think it started being shown maybe 2 or 3 years ago,) but you'd expect an announcer at the show (who has been doing this for 20+ years) to understand the BREED STANDARD and BREED CHARACTERISTICS of the dogs. 

Last night, the Beauceron comes trotting out.  If you've never seen a Beauceron up close, you should note that they have multiple dew claws on their rear legs.  Many dog breeds only have dew claws on their front legs, and many of them are removed when those breeds are puppies.

Announcer #1: "Look at those back legs."
Announcer #2: "Yes, it looks like....dew claws.  Hmm.  Most breeders remove those when the dogs are puppies.  Hmm."
Announcer #1: "Interesting."
Announcer #2: "Yes, those are dew claws.  Hmm."

BREED STANDARD: "Any less than two well-formed dew claws on the Beauceron's rear leg is a disqualification."

It's really not that "interesting" that the Beauceron has dew claws, guys. 

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