Friday, January 7, 2011

If I was a thief....

I posted this on my Facebook after making some observations on my drive home.  If I was a thief, the houses I would hit would be the ones that as of today (Jan. 7th) still have their Christmas lights on their house.  Why? Well, if I was a thief, I would guess that the homeowners are procrastinating to take down their lights until they "get around to it."  What else do they overlook?

Did they ask for identification from the door-to-door salesman that came knocking during the day, and then he came again at night on another day to see if they changed your mind?

Did they pick up the flyer that was posted on their front porch or in their driveway?

When the service person came to their home (who wasn't called) did they walk around the house with him? Did they notice he unlocked one of the windows in the bathroom on the ground floor?

The thief then drives around, and he sees that the lights are still up, and now he knows the homeowners' scheduling because he went there as a door-to-door salesman.

Ever wonder how thieves get the upper-hand?

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