Thursday, January 6, 2011

Insert attention-grabbing title here.

This is a random blog post. I'm certain I should have posted some uber-witty and creative title to my post to draw readers in, but I didn't.  This post is about absolutely nothing really.  There are forty-seven minutes left to my work day, and so I thought I would draw them out as long as possible.

I saw this video of a make-up artist who transforms herself from girl to "Jared Leto." 

The other day I saw a video of a parrot singing Drowning Pool's song "Bodies." 

I head off to Vegas in a little more than a week (work,) and then I'll head back in March (work.)  I checked out our room at Cosmopolitan for March (staying at Encore in January.)  Apparently the commercial for Cosmopolitan of "it's not for everyone" is true, but I like it.

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