Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 in Review.

I know that I am a few days late in posting my 2010 in review, but I've been feeling under the weather. 

2010 can best be summarized in a few choice words, many of which are expletives that I will not repeat here.  We had the passing of Grandpa, my brother's departure to Afghanistan for a year (which means he will not be attending our wedding in August,) our new home west of Atlanta, the accomplishment of set goals, and the realization that there are several hypocrites in this world, and many of them can be found nearby. 

I'll embrace my mantra of "breathe more, worry less" a lot more this year.

I'll make small goals that I know I can accomplish rather than large, lofty goals that would leave me stressed.

I'll realize that people aren't always what they seem to be, and I'm okay with that because...I'm not them.

I'll take the dogs on longer walks every day.

I'll not take "the little things" for granted: the things that took a back seat in 2010.

Because this is a public blog, and because I choose not to post the inner-depths of my life all of the "internets," I'll end my 2010 in Review post with...."bring on 2011!"

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