Monday, January 3, 2011

Why I [still] hate UPS.

Yes, yes "hate" is a strong word, but let me tell you why I [still] hate UPS.

A few months ago, I noticed on our company's UPS bill that some company in Jacksonville, Florida (AES) was giving its customers OUR company's UPS account number to return items "next day air."  This means that every shipment that was sent this way was between $40-$150.  I continuously called UPS to complain, they would credit me the charge, look "into this a bit further," and they would say they "took care of it." 

Now, I wouldn't be posting this if any of this had been "taken care of."  I contacted AES who called me back and apologized.  They said "it would never happen again" as it "was an error on their part."  WRONG.

Our UPS Sales Rep (we just met him a few weeks ago...even though we've had an account with UPS for YEARS) seemed like he would make sure everything was okay, corrected, etc. and we even created a new UPS Account.

Created a new one, but UPS didn't bother canceling our old account.  I'm sitting here looking at three bills, and the only shipments on them have the Receiver as AES or no Receiver at all...just a $20/month service charge and a $2/month printer fee. 

I can't help it, UPS, if your Customer Service Representatives SUCK, but we canceled our old account with you due to fraudulent activity so why do you keep billing us a monthly service charge, monthly printer fee, and these shipments to AES? Because you can't find a "billable account" for AES does not mean we will pay fraudulent charges on an account that was supposed to be CLOSED.

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