Wednesday, December 22, 2010

To be grateful...

Last month, a freight forwarder that works with our company shot off a one-line e-mail from her cell phone that said she had been hit by a car.  She came in just now to wish our company a Merry Christmas, and I noticed her finger was wrapped.  Forgetting about her e-mail, she said, "well let me tell you what happened...

I was at my dad's getting his mail for him, and I was standing at the mailbox when a car came too fast around the corner (drunk? texting? who knows?)  I didn't see it, but my brother did.  He grabbed me and tried to roll off into the ditch with me, but the car ended up running over my leg and hand."

At this point, I said, "oh my gosh!  How awful! What did the driver say?"

She said she had lost all of the tips off her finger on one hand, and it had broken her leg.  The doctors thought they'd need skin grafts to repair her hand.   The "best" part...the driver never stopped.  They slowed down slightly and then kept on going. 

She said the police met them at the hospital, but they didn't even have a description of the car besides a "dark sedan."  This happened all right before Thanksgiving, and she does all of the cooking since her family is older. 

At this point, she slapped her hand down on the box of goodies and calendars she brought us, teared up, and said, "I had A LOT to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  It could have been worse."

So when you think you're having a bad day because you have to deal with a little traffic, remember to be thankful some asshat in a dark sedan didn't run over you and keep on going.

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