Tuesday, December 21, 2010

When Christmas Trees Attack...

Day 1:

Our canine beaver, Gidget, decided that she had never seen a pine tree before, and it startled her because as she went in to further investigate, a branch snapped back and whacked her on her rear end. She has since decided that she would NOT want to be a victim on the next "When Christmas Trees Attack," and is admiring the tree from afar.

Grimm has decided that the water in the tree stand is going to taste better than his water so he's been trying to figure out how to get his nose past the tree skirt to get a swallow. His ear will hit a sleigh bell on the tree causing it to jingle, and he's pretty sure that's the tree's alarm system and quickly retreats.

When Gidget goes to sleep at night, she now sleeps on the opposite end of the couch...farthest from the tree, and when we head to bed, she keeps sneaking glances at the tree JUST to be sure it's staying put.

Day 2:

Gidget: Gidget has decided that the little needles she found on the floor are AS CLOSE to the real thing that she wants to get. Our tree sits over in the corner of our living room by the entry way to the dining room. Instead of walking 6 feet from the living room to the kitchen through the dining room, Gidget starts to walk, thinks twice, and walks around the front of the couch, through the living room, down the hall, and into the kitchen. Sleeping spot has now been moved from the end of the couch farthest from the tree to the couch on the opposite side of the living room facing the tree. It gives her a better vantage point in case the tree comes to life again.

Grimm: Grimm is suspicious of the tree now since it took his fleece toy and grabbed his tail. Perhaps Grimm should learn NOT to toss fleece ropes into the house, and the tree wouldn't have grabbed it. Even with his delicate little mouth and his front teeth trying to lightly pull the toy off the tree, those darn alarm bells went off, and he moved out of the way for mommy to get the toy. Unfortunately, when he moved out of the way, the tree grabbed his tail (wagged it, and it got tangled in one of the branches.) Grimm proceeded to do his best statue impression for fear that if he moved, the tree would eat his tail. Mommy saved him from the tree, and his new play spot is now....by the other couch on the opposite side of the living room, and passing into the dining room now warrants a leap.

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