Monday, October 4, 2010

Ugh - Breeder has dogs seized....AGAIN

Remember this post not too terribly long ago?

You are a disgrace

Well, guess what? They're back again. There are NINE new dogs sitting in Athens-Clarke County Animal Shelter to RESCUES only...all of them are German Shepherds, and all of them were seized by the same "breeder" as earlier this year!

Here is a link to some of the dogs: (active as of Oct. 4th, 2010)

Let's read what the shelter has written, shall we? I bolded some very important tidbits...

These dogs need to go to experienced German Shepherd rescues, or with rescues that have experienced trainers that could rehabilitate the dogs. They are not well socialized and are exhibiting fear-avoidance behavior. They have not shown ANY aggression, even when pushed and stressed. They are all extremely smart and once their trust has been earned, will make excellent companions. They will need patience and consistent training. These dogs were confiscated from a breeder that kept the dogs in terrible conditions. A few of these dogs have been confiscated before, but hopefully this time the breeder will lose the dogs in court. All of the dogs are available to rescues, but don’t pull them just because your heart aches for them. They need proper socialization through an experienced handler. They shut down when people come near them. They don’t have a clue what a leash or even a collar is. They’ve rarely had human contact. They are gorgeous dogs and “somewhat healthy". None of them are on the edge of starvation, or have serious injuries. Several have been bred numerous times. Their time will be up soon and they are taking up a lot of space at the shelter.

Yet, it wasn't a month ago this "breeder" had a new litter(s) advertised for sale in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as user Bauernhoffen.

Here's wishful thinking the judge won't turn a blind eye this time.

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