Friday, October 1, 2010

Another year, another birthday.

Yesterday was my birthday. It started out with Andrew wishing me "Happy Birthday" at midnight. The next morning, I ran through my standard Monday through Friday routine to get ready for work. I noticed Andrew was waiting around. I asked him, "aren't you normally gone by now?" He said, "'s okay."

When I went down to my car in the garage with Andrew following, I noticed a birthday present on the top of my car from Andrew :) It had a card, and in it was a t-shirt that said, "I got game." The t-shirt, however, was wrapped around Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 that I had mentioned I wanted several weeks ago. Andrew wrote me a nice note in my card, and that was the start to my day.

I received numerous well wishing on Facebook and through e-mail, and I was excited to see that our new digital cable box had been delivered via UPS to our house.

After dodging the kids, pre-teens, and teens that shot me a nasty look as they huddled around our mailbox, I came home, and I went upstairs to the front door. Smiling, I opened it...and no cable box at all. I thought, "well it was raining earlier. Maybe the UPS person put the box under the porch." Nope. Nowhere. Not in the front yard. Not in the backyard. Now I was pissed. Someone had stolen our cable box.

It wasn't the fact that they had stolen the box that annoyed me as much as one of two things:

1. Someone had to have seen the UPS truck drive up and leave something
2. Someone had to have walked up our hill into our front yard or onto our porch in order to see there was a package there.

Neither one of those scenarios are positive.

Luckily, I called Comcast, and they are allowing me to pick up a new box at a local store (wish they had told me that before.)

Last night, Andrew and I met Laura and Gray (Shelby #2 was tutoring) at The Irish Bred Pub in Douglasville for a birthday dinner and drinks outside on the patio. It was nice to have dinner with friends, and I was grateful that Gray drove all the way down from Kennesaw JUST to come have dinner with us.

All-in-all, it was a good birthday. Andrew and I are headed down to my parents' house tonight for the weekend.

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