Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You are a disgrace.

A friend of mine asked me if I knew anything about a German Shepherd breeder in Athens, Georgia.  He said that he had seen an ad in the newspaper (not the best place to buy a dog!) and wanted to know if I had heard anything about "Bauernhoffen" as that was the username for the advertisement, and the location was Athens, Georgia.  I had heard about Bauernhoffen dogs, but I didn't know there was another breeder named such in Georgia.  I looked at the ad in the newspaper online, and I saw seemingly normal and healthy-looking German Shepherds. 

I did a quick internet search which didn't reveal they had a website, but it did reveal something else interesting...and not in a good way.  The internet search pointed me to a website...

"Athens GA Breeder Seized..."

Listed after "seized" were various dog descriptions.  What?!

(Italicized is pulled directly from the website)

They have lived a horrible life. I will make each dog their own thread, but here is the story. I will post more info as I get it...These dogs were seized from a "breeder" near Athens, GA, where they suffered under horrendous conditions. Filthy, muddy tubs of "water" were scattered around the enclosure. A trough had been dug in the dirt around one of the few shelters, and the puppies kept falling in what would become a moat in the rain. These dogs were seized on Friday, and there are an estimated 9 more on the property. The two males here, Fisher and Rogue, are under-socialized and not very confident...These dogs have had a terrible life so far, and deserve a happy ending.

The owner of these dogs is a registered user on this site-- Bauernhoffen.

He reclaimed the 2 males today and the senior female. he signed over the younger mom and pups and is reportedly coming in tomorrow to reclaim the older mom's pups-- and leave the senior mom behind, and turn in a few young adults he has not been able to sell.

Luckily....or unluckily....all of the German Shepherds had been rescued...........or reclaimed.  How they could be reclaimed when they were seized, I don't know.  However, this would NOT be a breeder that I would promote or want to purchase a dog from.  Besides the living conditions, the professional assessment of "under-socialized and not very confident" on at least two of the dogs is not equivocal to happy and healthy animals.


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