Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's a dog's life.

This past weekend (9-11,) I met up with two people I had been speaking with for several years online.  We are all members of a German Shepherd message board.  One was from Auburn, and the other was from Tallahassee, FL.  I drove down from Powder Springs, and we met up at Sprewell Bluff in Thomaston, Georgia on the Flint River. 

A friend of mine couldn't come with me due to her allergies, and Andrew had to work.  It was me, Grimm, and Gidget - yay.  Gidget had a blast...as you can see after a larger dog knocked her over.

She took delight in rolling around in the mud, more like a "pig" bull than a pit bull.  Then again, women in Atlanta pay top dollar for high-quality mud baths.  Gidget got one for free.

Have no fear.  She was a-okay, and once she realized that the rest of the group was moving down the shore to water that was a little clearer, she was revived back to "life."

Also with Gidget were Grimm and the other two owners' German Shepherds: Koda and Annabelle.  Grimm stood out among the others because he was the only non-black dog!  Even Gidget is classified as a "black brindle." Koda and Annabelle are considered "bi-color" dogs, and Grimm's just plain ole "black and tan."

While Annabelle and Koda would play in the river, Grimm would charge down off the shore to play with them.  Unfortunately, they were both scared of his size and his huge manly-man head, and they would stop what they were doing and walk away.  Poor Grimm, the only dog he really got to play with was Gidget. 

I was only a little perturbed when we first got there, and a woman carrying a folding chair started swaggering over to us.  She yelled out, "will they attack me?!"  I wanted to say, "yes," but knowing full well the only "attack" our two would grant them would be kisses, I said "no."  I was, however, pleasantly surprised that neither one of our two balked at the sight of a swinging folding chair under this stranger's arm.  Grimm politely sat down and soaked up the petting.  Gidget did her Gidget thing which is totally inappropriate for meeting people, but we're working on that still (jumping up due to being excited.)  I wish I had the spray bottle full of water.  She'd never jump then - BWAHAHA!

We went hiking to the top of the bluff and back down.  By the time we got back down (pre-swimming,) I became light-headed, nauseated, and overall feeling as though I would pass out.  Heat cramps, I'm sure, and I didn't eat a big enough breakfast either :(

Fortunately, we all had a blast, but I was grateful to get back in the AC, but not nearly as grateful as being able to get home and relax.

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