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Thursday, March 6, 2008
Online Dating: Truckers Scamming.

When I saw this on an online dating forum, I had to reply:

All ladies in and around Atlanta and along I-20 need to be aware that there is a truck driver that has a permanent route from Columbia, SC to Atalnta, GA that is scamming women. His name is MWH. He is 6"5" and around 285pounds dark hair and moustache. He preys on women in convience stores and small truck stops. He will buy you flowers, clothes, and even a ring ( which will be a fake ) promising to marry you. He will ask you to ride with him and even ask you to marry him. Then he will borrow money and ask for you to let him move your belongings to his place after he has you quit your job. He will never take you to his place, always makes an excuse. Will promise to spend weekends with you but never does. You will only have a cell phone to reach him by which after he gets all your money and belongings he changes the number and disappears. The company he drives for will not help you in any way. Neither will the police because you gave it to him voluntaryly.

How do I know this? I was one of his victims.

Let us analyze this whole post. First of all, this is an online dating site. He preys on women in convenience stores and in truck stops. How more materialistic can a person be to be so easily wooed with tangible items? Why on Earth would you loan someone money, quit your job, and think you will live happily ever after. Based on the remainder of this woman's post, all of this transpired in a relatively short period of time.

Here are some tips:

* If a guy is interested in you that you meet somewhere out in public, exchange phone numbers. Take the time to get to know one another/ plan on having a "real" date (preferably in a public place).

* If a guy starts buying/giving you tangible items and turns around asking to borrow money, that should be your first red flag. A man/woman shouldn't have to buy another's affection. Materialism in the nth degree.

* Have more than one date with this person to get to know them.

* More than likely, follow your instincts when your head is telling you something's not right.

This woman could have saved herself some heartache and financial problems. It seems to me that this guy knows exactly what he's doing. Perhaps instead of naming him, this person needs to contact his employer or the police instead of posting a warning on an obscure online dating site.

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