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Friday, March 7, 2008
Stalking 101: Online Dating.

Never before have I witnessed such stalking as that I see on online dating sites. I'm not badmouthing online dating sites. It just seems like there is a lot more virtual stalking going on than meets the eye.

Stalking 101

How to tell if you're a stalker/being stalked:

1) Someone sends you a message. You read it at 1:00pm. You step away from your computer. By 1:10pm, you have another message asking "what's wrong?" or "what's up?" or "Why haven't you replied?" (Because they can see when you're online and where you ARE online through this site)

2) The person is a member of other dating sites/online web communities and details their victims every move on another website of which the victim is not a member: "Today Josh went to school, and when he was there, he talked to this girl. How dare he!"

3) The stalker tells you everything that you've done since you logged onto the site (i.e. "I saw that you logged on at noon, and I sent you a message that you read, but as of 2 p.m. I hadn't heard from you so I thought I'd send you another message. I saw that you haven't read that one yet, so what's up? Is there something wrong?")

I often read a lot of blogs or rants, if you will, from people getting annoyed when someone from this site (or another) talks to someone else. They don't know what the conversation may be. I know I have met clients on this site by accident. Let me rephrase that, g-rated clients who purchase products in my company's industry...on this site. So how do you know that person of whom you are interested isn't merely saying "hi"? AND, if you and another person are "a couple" (even if you are 1000+ miles apart), why are you both on this site....and why are you ranting that he/she is talking to someone of the opposite sex when you are doing the same thing?

Stalkers, Psychos, and Hypocrites! Oh My! the sociopath's version of Wizard of Oz.

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