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Friday, March 7, 2008
I Turned Him Gay!

Okay let me start off with, no I'm not that naive, but I hear that phrase so often, and this short brief synopsis ought to make you chuckle. I am friends with everybody - don't care what your orientations for anything are.

There was nothing on t.v. last night so I stumbled across Mtv's "True Life." It happened to be "My job in the sex industry affects others." Whatever. There was a farmer who had a dog, and DRAMA was his name-oh.

Moving along. There was a part about male strippers (in the "gay industry" - didn't know your sexual preference was an industry), and I'm looking at this guy who is friends with the main true-lifer, and he looks familiar.

I call up a friend of mine, and tell her to turn on the television. She starts watching, and then stops mid-sentence with, "Wait...that guy....on the chair. He looks familiar. WAIT A MINUTE....OH MY GOD.... that's not? is it? but..."

Sure enough stripper Wayne or whatever his name was....was a guy I had briefly dated my freshman year of in Georgia....about 9 years ago. When he and I first started dating, he said his interests were the outdoors, cars, four wheeling, stripping. Okay - whatever - all college guys claim "stripping" or what have you as a "hobby." This guy proceeded to tell me where he stripped, and he didn't care because his school, car, and house were paid for.

I had wondered what happened to we know

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