Thursday, December 17, 2009

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Thursday, March 6, 2008
How is online dating different than actual dating?

To me, there are groups of people who pursue online dating, but really, it comes down to four categories:

1) Busy People: These are people who are looking for a relationship, but are too busy/have no want to go out and find someone in trademark places such as bars, etc. Sometimes too shy, but mainly knowing that the person they're looking for, they won't find in those trademark places.

Overall psychological analysis: NORMAL

2) Antisocial People: These are people that, after meeting in person for the first time, you know exactly why they choose online dating as their dating venue of choice. More than likely, these people are 100% dishonest in how they portray themselves online/on the phone. They often don't know how to act in public and react more dramatically than others in certain situations.

Overall psychological analysis: ANTISOCIAL potentially SOCIOPATH

3) Booty People: These are people whose sole purpose it is online is to obtain as many booty calls that they can possibly obtain. Often portraying themselves as normal and looking for the "one" they know the super-saturated syrupy phrases to make certain women go "ga ga" just long enough to woo them into bed.

Overall psychological analysis: SOCIOPATH / NYMPHOMANIAC

4) Scammers: Pretty self-explanatory. Either want money or need a green card. Commonly from obscure foreign countries.

Overall psychological analysis: GULLIBLE

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