Monday, November 16, 2009

Looks like dishonesty is at it again!

A few months ago, I was helping out at a horse farm. Initially it was "horse therapy" and to help [seemingly] normal people out that were in a bind.

The majority of time someone tries to help someone out, they are taken advantage of. As soon as I found out the wife of the group was abusing and stealing her husband's pain pills (admitted by her) and was okay with drugs was when I said, "hasta la vista!"

They rent a farm for $5,000/month (supposedly) and cannot make rental payments. They have the landlord coming to their door every day after the first of the month. They don't have mail sent to them - they have it sent to a PO Box in another town. Shipments are sent to family members and then delivered to them.

The farm was beautiful in the pictures the wife sent to me, and when I got was different. By the time I left (my last time up there), fencing was being held together with bailing twine and duct tape, the pastures were bare, and there was an average of 20 animals (horses or cows) on 3 acres in each pasture.

Lo and behold, they have a sales list on Craigslist stating they're "changing their breeding program." Funny since every single horse or pony on there is a different breed.

Having firsthand knowledge of ALL of the horses listed, I find their ads hilarious!

"Arab gelding. Was shown at local shows, Nice jump, cute mover, has lead changes."
That gelding hasn't been ridden in over a year and a half, was ridden by a trainer, and was shown ONCE in a small local show before being thrown out to pasture never to be handled since.

"Used only for breeding" Neglected to mention she has NO manners and NO training and will just as likely plow someone over and drag them around the farm as swat a fly with her tail.

"by Iron Springs farm" ISF doesn't breed nor sell the breed of horse they claim this horse is. The horse breed they say he is is different from the horse they claim to have sired him.

"Yearling Bay AQHA colt" This colt is pretty much unhandled. I was told I had to lead him approximately 150 yards from his stall to a pasture as he hadn't been outside in 7 months. NO manners. Will rear and strike out as you're leading him and thinks nothing to run a human down.

"AQHA yearling filly" This one? Her hooves are so bad chronically that there have been times that they have almost rotted off. Last time I knew she had two club feet.

"AQHA 15.1 mare" Neglected to mention she is an alpha mare and colics every other day. Oh yeah...and catching her in a three acre pasture means setting up fence panels into a corral and chasing/running her in with at least four other people.

"yearling Holsteiner filly...Great confirmation" Well if the spelling didn't dissuade you. This filly was chased through the fence by "Yearling Bay AQHA colt" and sliced her leg open. Oh yeah....same handling manners as the colt, too.

I have no doubt that the owners will drug all of these horses before someone comes to look at them (save maybe two or three of them that I didn't mention here).

I just can't believe some folks!

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