Monday, November 16, 2009

Gettemy Jewelers : Two Thumbs Up!

Andrew and I decided to look for a small-town jeweler for....various things (*wink*), and we came across "Gettemy Jewelers." We read reviews online, and one of my friends said his parents used them in the past.

We decided to scope them out. Their store is about 2 miles from my home....great. It is a fairly small store around the side in a strip mall. The sign says "JEWELER" and that's it.

As I walk up to the door, I recognize a merle Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix, and I try to remember where I've seen her before. As we walk into the store, the owner says, "Be with you guys in a minute....Selda.....sit!"


I look, and it's a volunteer from the Cherokee County Humane Society Thrift Store. She generally tends to the plants out in the dog park, and Selda and Grimm play together on Sundays!

Even though she was with a customer, I said, "hey! I know you!" She looked up, and Andrew looked at me like I was nuts. "You care for the plants at the dog park. Grimm (the German Shepherd) plays with Selda!" She said, "oh yeah!"

She finished up with her customer and helped us out with some questions that we had. She offered security for us and told us some horror stories when she worked in larger stores. I told her that her reasons were some of the reasons we had for looking at smaller jewelers.

She cut us a great deal on some jewelry for the future, and we told her we would be back. (She also buys jewelry from people, offers estate jewelery for sale, is a potter that makes awesome leaves, and her husband is a certified jeweler!)

I highly recommend Gettemy Jewelers for those of you in/around the Woodstock, Georgia area:

And no, they don't have a website :) The above are some reviews of the store and an address.

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