Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Georgia DOL needs a lesson in confidentiality!

We have a new phone system at work. It's not that difficult to navigate, and, obviously, the person from the DOL pressed an option to leave a general voice message (instead of actually talking to someone).

She calls stating she needs separation information for a former employee. Well...that's ALL she should have said and left a telephone number to have someone to call her. Instead.....she continues:

"His name is 'Tom Smith' (obviously, I changed the name). He said he was laid off from the company, and I need someone to return my call to tell me if he was laid off, fired, etc. Also, I need for someone to tell me the date and the incident leading up to his being released from the company. He states that he made $911 per week, and I need to have that verified as well as his monthly salary is listed as $3,644. I need to know the date and approximate time of his separation from the company and, like I said, the reason for his departure for the company. I need to have this information by the 19th of November and need someone to leave me this information on my voicemail. Thank you."

Did I mention she never said her name?! She just said, "This is the Georgia Department of Labor."

First of all, like I said, she should have said, "I am calling to get details on the separation of an employee from your company. Please call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx." No. Instead she goes into detail (more than I posted above) including how much he was being paid, etc. on MY (Sales) voicemail! What an IDIOT!

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