Thursday, October 8, 2009

Psycho Update

Note: Psycho...not "Ex-Dumbass."

As we all know, I've been unlucky when it comes to relationships (that is, until a little over a year ago), but I have an update on one of my past persons.

I never truly "dated" this person. We went on one date, and enough red flags were sent up that I had no interest in pursuing date number two. My red flags were warranted.

Quick rundown:

Met guy on an outdoors website.
Went to dinner with the guy.
Guy talked about his "tenants" and "work" at dinner.
Guy went home after dinner.
Talked to guy online sporadically while he was [supposedly] out of town for work.
Guy asks me one day to forgive him for something prior to telling me what it was.
I decline.
He said he "has to come clean" as his friends and members of AOC (see below) "found him out."
Guy proceeds.....his "tenants" are his wife and child. Oh, and he's had a girlfriend the past two years that also doesn't know he's married.
I point out guy cheated not once...but twice and to never contact me again.

The End. Or so I thought.....

I get a random e-mail the other day inviting me to the Atlanta Outdoors Adventure Club or something like that. The person had gotten my information off the Atlanta Outdoors Club website. I semi-recognized the e-mail address "," but I remembered when he had last contacted me, he used a fake name "Dante - fakename-"

I e-mailed back, "Is this Dante from AOC?" and then I immediately e-mailed AOC and said, "hey, this jackass is stealing information from your website and contacting everyone with unsolicited e-mails. FYI, this is the guy that cheated on his wife and kid with someone from AOC for two years."

Lo and behold, I receive a response from a friend of mine from North Georgia. She "knows" this guy and tells me his account has been frozen. I tell her my tale, and she briefly tells me her side. The "girlfriend" had no idea he was married. "Dante" installed a keystroke program on her computer and even started stalking her. *scary*

Friend tells me the guy gave her the heebie jeebies the first time she met him.

Who knows what this guy is doing now. He's started his own outdoors club and probably has people worshipping him or saying, "he's such a great guy" without knowing his disgusting past.

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