Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why you should not support Backyard Breeders....

Rest In Peace, Cash.
It's not your fault you turned out the way you did. It's the fault of the backyard lowlife thug breeders that bred you.

Last October (2008), Andrew and I saw an ad online for a tiny puppy. I told him that we would go out and get our supplies for camping, and if we came back and called the owner, and he was still available (as the ad was 2 weeks old), we would go get him.

We came back, and sure enough, the puppy still needed a home. We told the owners we would be over in about 3 hours to pick him up after heading to Andrew's parents' house north of Cartersville. We left from their house and headed over to Lawrenceville to pick up the puppy. Halfway there, I called to remind them we were coming. The boyfriend answered and said they had six other people coming to get the puppy, and it was "first come, first serve." We had already driven over an hour. Andrew floored it.

By the time we got there, we were about 5 minutes away, and we get a phone call from the owner stating someone was coming right then to pay cash and get the dog. I lied and told her we were turning into her neighborhood: what house are you?

When we pulled up, we saw a joyful little puppy jumping up to greet us. Andrew handed the owners $60 and picked him up. While we were there, the owners got a phone call from the other person. The girlfriend comes outside, gets the boyfriend and goes back inside. They both come out and say, "the guy said he'd give $100 for the puppy." I said, "you said first come, first serve." The boyfriend said, "yeah....I said that." The girlfriend was pissed as she told the other buyer to come get the puppy (even though the puppy was still in Andrew's arms).

We left there with our little 7 weeks (or so) bundle of joy and promised to take the best care of him that we ever could. Unfortunately, he was the product of breeding quantity over quality for greedy Backyard breeders to make a buck. The very difficult decision was made to euthanize Cash due to various health and aggression issues that made him a liability and a statistic.

We will ALWAYS love him.

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