Sunday, August 30, 2009


Today Grimmies realized something wasn't right. Maybe he thought that Cash was having a sleepover last night and would be back today...but he wasn't. He's been moping around the house all day long, and we've found him sitting in a corner chewing at his toenails (not his paws which would be indicative of an allergy). He'll wander into his house (crate) and lay there, quietly crying to himself when he looks over at Cash's house next to him.

Andrew took Cash's fleece out of his house and washed it today.

Funny....when Cash was alive, Grimmies would go into Cash's house, playing with Cash. Although Cash's door has been open, Grimmies hasn't once gone into Cash's house. He's laying in the bedroom now, quietly crying and staring at Cash's house.

It's just entirely too sad.......all of it.

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