Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Future.............sigh.

Last night, Andrew and I went to a Japanese steakhouse (the kind with the hibachi grill, etc.) As we round the corner, we are seated with 9 LOUD and OBNOXIOUS others (they added their own chair) - all of which were no older than 17 or so - definite high schoolers off for Summer.

It was okay at first, the one guy introduced himself since "we'll be eatin' together and all." They were all laughing, and having a good time, said some disgusting comments, and the one girl with them said, "oh this is going to be like dinner with 5 year olds!"

Now...the rules are very clear in the restaurant's menu - first page, every page and last page...."all meals come with white rice, fried rice $1.50 extra," "gratuity added to parties of 6 or more," and "$4 seat charge for those persons seated but not eating."

Out of the 9, two eat. The others are just sitting there. One guy grabs the chopsticks and proceeds to stick them through his earrings of his pierced ears, twists them so that they are sticking out to the side, trying to poke his friend with them.

The other guy keeps reaching over and taking wasabi off the one guy that was eating's sushi plate and trying to force his girlfriend to eat it.

One girl decides to tell everyone how she can tell the difference between coke and cherry coke without looking at it.

One or two order cokes to drink.

Here comes the chef. The others are REALLY getting into it - like.....annoyingly much that the chef gave them a rude look a few times with some things they were saying (pulling their eyes to the side and speaking in a mocked Japanese accent), etc.

We have dinner. The chef has gone to let us all eat.

One guy says, "I can't eat all of this," and a girl says, "I want some!"

So he grabs a few pieces of chicken with his chopstick, and the girl, instead of using a napkin, spoon, plate, holds her hand out, and he puts the chicken in her hand......that she starts to eat out of like a horse getting at treat.

She shoves her outstretched hand and fingers into her boyfriend's mouth and says, " some!" as she eats the chicken by her palm, and her boyfriend eats the chicken by her fingers.

The guy that gave her chicken apologizes for getting her hand dirty to which she replies, "Aw, it's okay. My hand was already dirty."

Here comes the check.

Stamped on their checks.....18% gratuity included, but there were no "seat charges." (The checks were lying next to us before the waiter passed them out.....because two of the people in the bunch that ordered cokes wanted cokes "to go.")

The two guys that ate freak out - $22 for THIS! $16 for THIS!

So genius chicken girl decides SHE can figure out why it's so expensive and snatches the $22 bill, "um - what's 'ter ch'?"

"My terriyaki chicken."
"Dude, they charged you for fried rice. I thought that came with your meal. I would so complain....what is gra......grat......grut.....gra-tut......gratuht-it..........well what is that?" (as she points to the 18% gratuity)
"That's because you guys sat here, we got charged for having more than 6 people."
"Well that's bullsh*t, too!"
"I'm not leaving ANYMORE of a tip!"

The waiter was VERY polite and explained that all meals came with white rice....not fried rice, and the guy didn't complain about the gratuity charge.

So as the bunch gets up (finally), they all laugh and giggle and steal all of the napkins.....since they were charged 18% gratuity.

I could not believe it. Andrew and I just shook our heads as we left. We both said the same thing about "genius chicken girl," wow.....your mother is proud."

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